Nonsense blows

There was a time in our history when our understanding of health was so impoverished we thought such superstitious nonsense effective in combating the afflictions that ailed us. It’s a sad fact so recent is that history we must continue to endure watching the ignorant perform rituals which do the very opposite of what they aim to achieve. And here’s the really good news: these dangerous fools constitute the majority of people on this planet! Feeling ass-pounded by reality yet?

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    I’ve been to India twice, including the state of Bihar (poorest and most corrupt state in India). This is the same place where begging is a predominant “occupation.” I visited a free clinic where children were treated for a variety of disfiguring diseases, but learned that many parents turn down free treatment for their children because the kids are more productive as beggars if they are disfigured. People even disfigure themselves by pouring acid in their eyes to cause blindness, etc. Even some shameless doctors have recently gotten into the act offering (for a fee of course) to needlessly amputate limbs!

    While this is done under the guise of religious healing, I suspect that the motivation is more about the desperation of poverty. But religion does provide some sort of ‘acceptable’ context for this fuckishness to flourish.

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    The child laughter/scream (if that is who I believe is making the noise) is haunting. I’m trying to follow the talk, but having the visuals on repeat is a bit much. Call me a sensitive Sally.

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    Nothing like faith in action to tickle the gag reflex and make the fists itch.

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    Unfortunately, as of not being able to endure the sight of the clip I am not inclined to express an appropriate sentiment in regards of the subject matter.

    Although I feel overwhelmingly sick and distaste for this repugnant “ritual”, those who practice and the ignorant bystanders willfully watching.

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