On Vacation

I’m sure a few of you are probably wondering where the bonus show and free shows are this week. Well, I’ve taken a week off to go and spend time with a good friend in Toronto. It’ll help relax me and put me back in good spirits. Until then, take this time to reflect on just how much TGA has become a part of your regular schedule…scary, isn’t it?

See you all next week!

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    Tony Robbins

    You censor me, and hinder your patrons from enjoying content. You believe recharging ones batteries will assist in providing higher quality content. You’re a wrong. You need my guru services, otherwise you will NEVER be able to earn sustainable cash flow from this venture to facilitate a day job. I will boost your subscribers from one a week to ten a day. YES!

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    have a good trip man. everyone deserves a break, recharge that vitriolic battery of yours and i look forward to the next show (mail bag/ask god please!)

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    motherfuuuuu!!! nah really enjoy your vacs man!

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    Unacceptable, I’m picking a religion. If you aren’t gonna be here to tell me what to think, I’m turning to a belief system that will.

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