Economics for dummies!

So, all you need to balance an economy is to follow scripture and the Invisible Male Patriarch will graciously deliver us from a depression. I think her 40 day fast is just too short. Why not fast for a few months? The Lord will especially be pleased if you don’t drink any water or consume any food at all. He’ll rain Mana down from heaven for you to feast on. Put all of your trust in him, and I’m sure you won’t slowly starve to death!

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    I’ll quote the guy from youtube that commented on this:

    “20 bucks says´╗┐ she can’t achieve orgasm.”

    nuff said

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    J. N. Hudson

    Don’t you just lovewhen people like this take credit for events that have already happened and then call it prophecy. She should be careful though, she is infringing on Pat Robertsons territory now. Is she so out there that she believes that she is a modern day prophet, oris she simply Lying For Jesus like so many others who have sacrificed their religion on the altar of partisan politics?

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    I agree but they are not going far enough. All the brilliant, truly faithful Christians should fast for 80days and no drinking for 40days and I’m sure the lord Jesus will grant them their wish! Hallelujah! Brother!!

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    Christian religion, with its incurable ignorance, only fuels socialism/communism in America and the world.
    God curse America.

    Christians should fast very long until God sends them all to heaven.
    What can Christians want more?

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    I couldnt get past 1:20. Jesus Christ is that bitch annoying. The combination of her voice, huge collar and retarded words anger me.

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    Josh Nankivel

    If you have buttons bigger than your eyeballs, something is very, very wrong.


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    Roxanne R

    @Vladimir, that’s what the bottle of lotion in the back is for. ;-)

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    Time! 49 seconds! new record! That’s as far as i made it with this stupid grinning bitch.

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    went 18 seconds :D

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    I love how she says, “It’s a warning because god wants to be merciful…” well what’s stoppin him!? Seems like if it’s god it could do whatever it wants regardless if we give gays the rights they deserve. What a moron.

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