TGA Podcast: Episode 100 1/2

This week, Ryan and I talk about Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to my door to convert me (and the hilarious ways I tried to cause them to have doubts in their beliefs). We have another interview with God where he answers some of your questions, and we also talk about a young atheist in the Maldives that was found hanging from a rope at his workplace.

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    Really good show!

    I used to be a JW and they definitely do not agree on everything. There will be many disagreements simmering under the surface at any “Kingdom Hall”, all kept under control by a firm hand from the local elders.

    As far as the NWT Bible goes, I believe the JW did do a reasonably objective job of it, and many of its criticisms are poor IMO.

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    Great show. I think questions for God would make an awesome podcast on it’s own. Like a meaner version of Mr. Deity. If you could reference specific bible passages, you might trick some xtians into thinking you’re one of them.

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