Praying in the wrong direction

Indonesian Muslims are being told to adjust their prayer antennae to improve transmissions to Mecca:

Indonesian Muslims have been praying in the wrong direction, the country’s highest Islamic authority has said.

The Indonesian Ulema Council told the country’s Muslim populace in March to turn west when they offered their daily prayers. Muslims are supposed to face the Kaaba, the religion’s most sacred site in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

At the time, the council said the direction of Kaaba from Indonesia laid to the west.

Turns out, it didn’t. Africa did.

So, on Friday, the council issued a new edict: face northwest.

“After the first fatwa (edict) a few months ago that stated that the praying direction is west, we have announced the correct direction for praying is indeed northwest, and we have issued a new fatwa (edict) to correct it,” said Ma’ruf Amin, the head of fatwa division in the Indonesian Ulema Council.

“This is important because facing west will mean that people were facing Africa when they pray,” he said.

I hear that Sango, the African God of Thunder, is just happy he’s not going to keep getting five calls a day from several million confused Indonesians.

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    Um what? Is basic geography really too hard to figure out? Certainly there must be world maps in Indonesia. It really took 4 months to figure this out?


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    Reverend Clint

    you cant expect much from indonesia

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    I get lost of flack cuz I always say religious people are so very stupid.
    But then they come along and really prove it.
    These idiots are so abysmally ignorant that they can’t do simple geometry. If you are standing outside of mecca and you have your arse pointed at the temple and you bow down YOU ARE STILL POINTED AT MECCA you ignorant stupid fool!!!! The world is a plucking sphere!!! And if that is invalid then no isLameic can be in California (no map so taking a WAG) because he would have to aim around the world and it is just as valid to look west as east. If they need the shortest distance then the IsLameic would have to stand on its head!
    But prays don’t work so you’re wasting your time anyway unless you are napping.

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    Charles Evo

    It looks more like WNW to me.

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    lost of flack

    Yeah, Mr. Evo’s got it right. WNW

    Switching to NW is even further off target.
    Northwesterly prayers will end up landing in Russia (assuming they are adjusted properly for distance :P).

    @ L.Long- When battling ignorance, an unintelligible rant is seldom the best weapon. None of your points made sense.
    Although “prays don’t work..” came close.

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    Lost of flack:
    What part did not make sense?
    The world is basically a sphere?
    They are ignorant of basic geometry?
    Or if their head is pointed at mecca then by great circle route so is their arse? And if they are 180degrees away then both directions are equally valid?
    Or at any distance away from mecca the most direct route is found by standing on your head?? (sorta)
    Just curious.

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