Nerds will burn in Hell

You’ve got to love the Westboro Baptist Church. These guys are always putting their hate out there plainly for everyone to see. It doesn’t matter if you’re an honored veteran, a pregnant teen, or a comic book reading 30 year old virgin; in their eyes, everyone except their immediate family is going to burn in the eternal fires of hell, and they want to tell you all about it.

Their latest target, a comicon in San Diego, had me giddy with anticipation of watching what is normally a pretty atheistic group get picketed by these bozos; I’m sure there will be plenty of pretty funny videos coming out in the next few days cataloging the exchanges between church members and comic nerds. There’s no guarantee the Westboro crazies will actually bother showing up, but if they do, it has the potential for a great showdown. Fingers crossed, people!

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    How can you tell if you are living your life right? If the WBC is protesting any aspect of it. I’ve seen these idiots protest at military funerals (I am a Marine veteran), police and firefighter funerals (I am a professional firefighter) and now they are marching on ComiCon (I am a comic book nerd). The more I find them in opposition to my life, the more I know that I am living well and raising my children properly – they know the bible stories are no different than any other myth or comic book tale.

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    Roxanne R

    These people only care about publicity. They’re down there to protest a funeral, and comic-con is just conveniently happening there as well so they decided to show up there as well.

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    I love it! Really hoping they’re there when I go to Comic Con this week

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    They’re apparently using Romans 9:13 on signs to justify this (based on what I saw on a site called Nerdbastards that also has this story) – but Romans 9:13 reads, and I quote: “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”

    My first reaction was ‘I wonder where this Esau chap stands on Kirk versus Picard, then’ – but I was talking it over with a pal who’s looked further into this and is Christian, and apparently in the story that mentions Esau and Jacob it was Esau who sold away his position to inherit in exchange for a bowl of beans to Jacob, who was the actual quiet bookish one. Esau was, I’m told, something of a jock by that time’s standards.

    So apparently their god *loves* nerds, and hates those who think in terms of short-term gain. Kinda…like maybe some CEOs, I suppose.

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    They’re finally directing their hate towards someone who deserves it! 😛

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    Just a thought, but are these people actually inviting us to join their church? Their message just seems to be that we’re all beyond hope – fair enough, but why bother telling us?

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    They don’t have no pancake mix!

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    It seems to me that they’re just scrambling for any public event to get attention.

    If I see those assholes at the Fan Expo in Toronto at the end of August I will shove a picket or two down their daddy-issues throats. Not that I think they’ll fly to Canada or anything.

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    I am stationed (Active Duty Navy) in San Diego and I can’t wait to see this freakshow.. WBC. I have actually gone back and forth with one of the daughters, Shirley Phelps-Roper, on You Tube over a video I did on them.

    I am bummed that I couldn’t get tickets to the Convention and I will have my son with me this weekend. I will still show up to point out to my son what crazy looks like. If you go to their website it has the times for when and where they will protest. They are also in town to protest Al Gore, for and I am quoting now “being an adulterer”. Possibly for the global warming thing as well, but I am not sure on that one.

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    This guys are probably going to raise more funds….. Aka taunt and insult a bunch of teens and kids than sue someone because they got hit with a tomato.

    Someone should organize a sing along in front of them to drown out there hate and prevent anyone saying that there rights are being trampled on.

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    Yeah I was wrong on the dates on my end. They will be @ The convention center in San Diego tomorrow (THURS) during the work day so people like me can’t go. I am uploading a video about it on you tube as I type. (caveman73) is my you tube handle.

    I wanted some of the people of my command that are Atheist and/ or dislike them show up and let them know what we think of them but it looks as though that will not happen.

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    Jennifer Juniper

    Saw them. Fucking assholes. There were some cool anti-protestors though!

    By the way, not a fan of your “30-year-old virgin” stereotype of comic book readers! Grrrr!

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    Verlie Gray

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    Leroy Zucker

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    All atheist will burn or freeze in hell. Because you dont thank god for your live. I think that atheist are people who just lost hope. Or they are sick the try to put us asleep with their foul sayings about god. They dont believe in god because god does not believe in them so god wont protect them from the beast. But they aint alone Fags, Muslims Hindoes , Gingers gothics emos Devol whoreschippers also burn in hell

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