TGA gets Episode 100 done!

Holy shit, could it be true? Could we have finally released this sucker after weeks of putting it off? Not only did we do that, but we made Episode 100 something special, with almost 2 hours of content! We cover a huge range of topics; from copyright laws to the dangers of being open about your lack of faith, to why we lack professionalism, and what some of you have said about the show over the years. It’s a huge introspective episode, so if you’re a first time listener, save this one for later; you might be a little overwhelmed!

Go listen to the show right now, and if you like what we had to say, then think about using this historic moment as an excuse to become a patron of the site. With all the new additions we’re going to be putting in the bonus show, we’re going to entice you so hard to become a member you may as well cave in this minute, and become a patron! We only charge 20 bucks a year (although you can give more if you want to). That’s the equivalent of a cup of coffee every month. Surely we’re better at keeping you awake and doing your job more than that!

I want to thank everyone who has been a listener for the 3 years we’ve been doing this. I hope Episode 100 of the Bonus Show will be even more crazy. The future is bright people, and you can help make it even brighter. Below is a preview of one of the bits we included in the show. Enjoy!

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    Kevin V

    Oooohhh La and la, can’t wait to listen

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    Congrats Jacob!
    Job well done. Can’t wait for 100 more!

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    Kevin V

    Read all about it: GOD makes a appearance on TGA!!!! Tooo funny

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    I have been itching to hear what you thought of Obama. On my support for Obama, I’m of a split mind. I can see both sides of your argument. I am outraged that a Constitutional scholar would expand the faith-based initiatives, but I still see him as the lesser of the evils (the others being the Tea Party and the Republicans). If the Republicans run Palin in 2012, I’m going to have to think about whether to vote for Obama again or to vote on principle, for Kucinich or Nader, maybe. I don’t think Palin will win, but then again the whole liberal base could have the same thought and Obama would lose to Palin. We can’t have president Palin.

    I don’t think Obama’s religiosity is pandering. He’s not a fundamentalist, but he really is a religious person. He invoked God an awful lot when he was campaigning. I think his goal is to bring back the Social Gospel of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and reclaim religion for liberals and the left. But we need less religion in politics. I’m afraid that tying left-wing ideas to religion would be disastrous in the long run because religious ideas are irrational. Something rational should not be built on something irrational.

    I think Obama has been really ineffective so far. He hasn’t closed Guantanamo. He signed the order to close it in January 2009, for the facility to be closed within a year. Now it’s July 2010 and it’s still open. What the hell happened? He hasn’t gone after the Bush Administration criminals on warrantless wiretapping or torture and never will, probably. He sent 30,000 more soldiers into Afghanistan, which I think is unwinnable. He also hasn’t ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” even though he could sign and executive order and do it. Truman ended discrimination in the military with an executive order and didn’t give a shit what the racist white soldiers would think.

    I don’t know if he’s frightened by the right’s hatred of him or just a pussy in general, but Obama has compromised virtually every time he gets the opportunity to take a stand. Is he trying to get conservatives to like him? It won’t happen. They will always hate him no matter what he does.

    He passed the healthcare bill, which I like, but it’s so watered-down and compromised that it’s no use right now. The pre-existing conditions clause for adults doesn’t go into effect until 2014.

    I’m not angry at Obama about the BP oil spill because there isn’t much he can do. He can’t operate the equipment. The only thing he can do is crack down on BP and make damn sure they pay for all the damage to the ecosystem, the economy, and really every citizen of the affected states.

    I loved the episode, especially the interview with God. I liked how he kept referring to his books as “my contradictory books.” I especially loved the line “I love watching all of you cry as you die.”

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    awesome work guys! thanks shit loads. Ive been listening since ep 70, so not a long term follower, but ive loved the lot.
    Listening to it right now, your voice channeling into my brain!

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    the devil is robot we built in the future and sent back in time to try and trick god. fucking awesome. were you drunk when you did that interview?? on that note more drunken podcasts in the future please! and more GOD.

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    Excellent work, guys. It was very engaging to hear your introspection. I know what you’re saying when you say you’re worried about how far people take what you say, and the consequences that follow, but as you guys said it’s about ruffling feathers. Think about it less individualistically, and more in terms of the ‘greater good’. Even though it sucks as an individual to ‘come out’ as an atheist to a religious family, it’s every single one of these individual hardships that contribute to the continuing secularising of our society. And I think that it is a small price to pay.

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    I laughed out loud when I first heard God’s voice during his interview, you should get that guy back on again. He’s more laid back than I expected. Hard-line, but laid back.

    “I’ve seen people fuck typewriters man. I’ve seen some shit. You guys are messed up.”

    “I made rainbows. I’m fucking awesome that’s what I am.”

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    God sounded a lot like Subo’s actual voice.

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