TGA Podcast: Episode 99 3/4

Ryan is still in Tennessee, so until he gets back, we’re putting episode 100 on ice. This week, Jeff joins me to talk about a woman being executed for the crime of adultery, and why Christian video games are complete garbage.

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    Bill - San Diego

    Loved the show Jacob. Jeff was awesome!

    I enjoy your weekly groveling. It makes me realize I’m not the only one with a daily grind.

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    Jacob-relax man. Episode 100 is a milestone, not a climax. You don’t have to make it the end all of episodes just have fun with it. Think laterally and consider a way to make it fun for you and everyone else will enjoy it more. You rock so don’t doubt yourself. 😉

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    I’ve been listening to TGA for…something like a year now, and I think it’s only getting better.
    I know you don’t really want to advertise etc, in the show, but I’ve noticed a few podcasts have started partnering with to help cover some costs, and it’s usually just a quick, unobtrusive, plug in the episode. I don’t think anyone would fault you for doing something similar

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    It was Utah that did the firing squad execution. The reason that they had the firing squad for so long is because of their Mormon roots in the 19th century – the Mormons believe that the shedding of blood can purge people of sin, so they did not want to have bloodless executions (like hanging). They might not be raping women to prepare them for stoning, but like Jeff said – you are still just as dead at the end of the day.

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    Jacob, relax! Needing 100 to be something special is just kinda superstitious, right? Your awesome, just be yourself.

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