Now that’s a billboard!

The New Zealand Atheist Bus Campaign people have evolved past bus signage and are now getting into the billboard bizniz. Here’s my favorite sign of the bunch, but I gotta admit they’re all the cat’s pajamas as far as I’m concerned!

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    I really Like this billboard it pretty much says it all.

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    Frickin’ awesome.

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    The bill board is awesome.
    In fact when I’m asked about my religion that is exactly how I state it…
    “Why, I’m an atheist like you. I just don’t believe in one more g0d then you.” Which puts them off balance right away as it requires a little thought to figure out what I said, and y’al know how hard it is to for a religious person to start thinking.

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    Very nice! I would love to see something like that here in Mississippi, but honestly, I’d be happy with damn near any atheist billboard in this state.

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    Now thats a billboard i’d like to take home and keep. I have to admit, thats a great way of confusing religious people enough to actually get them thinking.

    @L.Long – awesome point – i might do the same.

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    these billboards are epic.

    little more of agnostic approach compared to an atheistic approach, but is would be incredibly controversial to say “there’s IS no god…”.

    I would love to see these in Canada.

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    Matthew Holloway

    Hi folks, I’m from the NZ Atheist Billboard Campaign and here are some photos of all 3 billboard designs:

    The reason why we used the word “probably” is because it would be a leap of faith to claim knowledge that no gods exist. No one can disprove Zeus, Scientology, Unicorns, the Abrahamic God, or Leprechauns. I haven’t heard a good reason to think they exist but I’m open minded. So “probably” is a positive statement about the limits of human knowledge. This is also an atheist statement because atheism is defined as being “without gods” (originated from the Greek ἄθεος atheos which literally means that). Atheists don’t usually mean “no gods” but rather an absence of evidence, at least in my experience.

    My personal feeling is that Agnosticism (in the popular fence-sitting sense) has fallen out of favour because people don’t typically say that they are agnostic about unicorns and leprechauns too. Rather, they simply say they don’t exist as shorthand for a lack of evidence, and that’s why Atheism more accurately describes how some people feel.

    If you’ve got any questions just let me know 🙂

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    Fantastic work, absolutely wonderful. Certainly paving the way for t-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers here.

    Trust you Kiwis to have it together. Lets see if we catch up soon in Oz.

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    Eh, I’m agnostic. I like the whole fairytale/monster scene so I try to keep an open mind. Still waiting for my first dragon!

    But these posters rock! Excellent font, colour, and layout choice, if I may say.

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