North Carolina Atheist billboard offends Christians

If there are two things that will never change about Christians it’s this: 1) they will continue to be generally ignorant about history (like thinking the pledge was something the Founding Fathers invented, or forgetting “under God” was put there in the 50′s), and 2) no matter how inoffensive your godless billboard is, they will always be offended some people out there don’t believe in their crazy bullshit.

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    Some asshat has already vandalised it to add the Christian bit back in.

    There’s no bloody reasoning with some people.

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    Frickin’ yellow journalism, more interested in controversy than truth…

    [reporter]:”As you can see, it’s not “complete”…” says who, dimwad?

    The interview was leading. “Are you OFFENDED by the billboard?”
    We can assume it went something like this, everyone’s response referenced the term.
    Even the first guy who was against the billboard didn’t say he was offended.

    The pledge of allegiance was written by a SOCIALIST…
    (term misapplied and demonized by idiots who LOVE the pledge)

    “under God” added by Eisenhower [after requests], a former JEHOVAH’S WITNESS.
    Guess which nutty religious cult forbids saying the pledge?

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    I have been looking to get one put up in my area, It is one of the simplest ways to get peoples attention and get your point across. I think I would use one that would not be able to be modified. So this In a way is a good lesson, I just hope someone goes up and whites out the god part on that billboard. The best part is the highway that they put it up on The Billy Graham parkway.

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    woo! free publicity for!

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    They talk to 3 people who “hate” the billboard and one who is “neutral”. Nice objective reporting.

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    The Celestial

    What the fraking hell is wrong with Americans???

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    Apparently the Streisand Effect isn’t well-known in fundamentalist circles.

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    why, why, why do they not mention that this is the way the pledge used to be?

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    People who insist on mentioning the glorious baby Jesus in the Pledge annoy the shit out of me, but you know who annoys me more? People who think that billboards are an effective medium of communication.

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