Christians are scary

If you don’t like the violent rhetoric of modern day Christians, then you don’t know the Bible, baby! He hasn’t called you to debate. If this guy had his way, everyone would be equipped with breastplates and swords, fighting the unbelievers. If the Bible had been written today, would that be replaced with bulletproof vests and holy grenades? Hey, thanks for being uncompromisingly insane, Rod Parsley. You remind us all of the violent nature of religion.

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    “. . . in a very short period of time america will find herself godless, faithless . . .”

    hell yes, rod.

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    What a sad pair. They just cannot see that their god is so incompetent that he can’t manage to tell us anything in a straight forward way. All we ever get is occurrences that can be perfectly well explained and understood, interpreted by these ignorant fools as warnings.

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    At least we homosexual atheists aren’t like him! We’re to busy fucking each other to kingdom come!

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    That second guy reminds me of Macho Man Randy Savage, in retirement! OOOHHHH YEEEEAH!

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