Bookstore madness

Spending the day checking out “Texts From Last Night” may not be the most productive thing to do in the world, but I did find this little nugget you might enjoy:

i got kicked out of Barns and Nobles cuz i put all the bibles in the fiction section

You sir, are an American hero…

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    I’ve, too, done this. It’s also fun to put the gay sex/sexuality books in the Christian inspiration section.

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    These are amusing bits of direct-action prankitude, but in the end, you’re just making more work for B&N employees [shit, i sound old ;p]… It might make a few people chuckle. While making more people pissed at “some atheist kid” when it gets reported and corrected.

    If you guys want to do something that will affect xtians, why not print up bookmarks referencing contradictory, absurd, amoral passages, and HIDE THEM IN THE BIBLES. (with disclaimer and links:

    Mischief is fun, but if you miss the target it’s pointless.
    Just trying to raise the bar…

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    Best I saw was an independent bookshop that had all religious texts filed under self-help. Religion as anesthesia.

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