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We received a lot of great questions for this special mailbag episode, and I hope you were all ready for a HUGE show. Let me just warn you now it went a little long folks. It’s a whopping 82 minutes of answering your questions. To be fair, you didn’t ask a lot of yes or no ones, and you all know my passion for tangents. So if you’re a real fan you’re in for a treat; otherwise, get ready to ration this shit out for days. Go listen to it now!

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    I’m convinced that there was a historical Jesus. I think he can be seen as an apocalyptic prophet. There’s wrong predictions attributed to the man, such as the whole “truly some of you standing here today will not taste death until the kingdom of God comes to earth” (or something close to that). He says that mess, over and over. It doesn’t make sense to invent someone who is making (at the time of the synoptics, especially Matthew and Luke) something between a questionable and an outright false prediction.

    Inventing a character to base your religion around who makes shitty predictions doesn’t make great sense – the prophet books in the Old Testament (especially Daniel) were just written way after they claimed so they could be said to predict the future, for example.

    Jesus fits the bill perfectly as an apocalyptic prophet. Many sayings attributed to him indicate this popular Jewish viewpoint of the time, so it’s reasonable to conclude there was a real person at the heart of the sayings. There would simply be no reason to make up someone, when there would be many people saying just the type of things Jesus said.

    What’s more, Crucifixion was dishonorable, for the heretics and political troublemakers, so to attribute such a dishonorable death to someone invented, instead of based on a real person wouldn’t really make sense.

    I don’t think we can say Jesus did anything supernatural or anything supernatural was done to him, but I think there are even a few “facts” we can establish with moderate certainty about Jesus in addition to his actual existence. I say all that as an atheist.

    Also, Ecclesiastes is the best book in the Bible, by far. It pretty well contradicts the authors of the New Testament’s theological position. A book in the bible itself saying God won’t effect you no matter what you do so just enjoy the time you have while you’re alive – and oh yeah, when you die – no heaven or hell.

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    awesome show guys. longer shows are always welcome. just wish i’d seen the post in time. it works well how ryan keeps you on track, so you get all the tangenty goodness and the questions are all addressed in the end.

    get that calendar sorted man!

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    Jomas The Tolerated

    Great episode! As for the question of if we would want one episode a month dedicated to the mailbag, I’m in favor of it. It would give everyone – atheists, agnostics, theists, and everything between – a chance to get their voice heard and get your responses to their questions.

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    Tim Tempest

    really enjoyed the show. the mailbag concept plays to Jacob’s talent for free association – aka tangents. as for a longer show, when you’re on a roll the listener doesn’t notice the time. I was surprised when you started talking about the show running longer, I hadn’t noticed since I was enjoying the conversation.

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    Great show guys. The mail bag show works well. I vote for more.
    One the subject of free will, check out the podcast “Reasonable Doubts” on Determinism. I think you would enjoy it and I would love to hear you comment on it. You came tantalizingly close to it when you spoke of the absurdly of the soul that could be damaged by a physical ailment. You are correct. We are not free floating spirits. There is no soul. We are material nothing more and that material can be influenced, damaged or altered completely by random events. Every action, decision or deliberation is determined by those influences. Everything is “caused.” We have no free will.

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    I think the mailbag format is an awesome idea; and frankly, the longer the better.

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    Daniel McVey

    I liked the mailbag show. Great job.

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    I enjoy having a longer show, but I think the best length for a podcast is “as long as necessary”. Don’t cut yourselves short when you’re having a good discussion or are in a good “groove”, but don’t feel like you need to make an episode longer if you’ve come to a good place to stop. That’s the great thing about podcasts: they can be as long as they need to be.

    As for Mailbag shows…I’d recommend just doing them whenever you feel like it. I’m just interested in hearing you discuss interesting topics, regardless of source.

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    Great show guys! Nice to hear an answer to my question 🙂 too bad i couldnt debate about it myself there -.-

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    I like the mailbag shows. It will definitely have me checking up on the site more often. And longer shows are fine, since I listen to about two dozen podcasts a week anyway. Not exactly a busy life.

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