TGA Podcast: Episode 99

This week, Ryan and I take your questions for a very special mailbag episode. We cover everything from abortion to evolution, to why we hate Indiana Jones and the Crystal skull. If you love the show, this one is a monster at over 1:30 minutes, so you might even need to break it up if you can’t take that much content!

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    Marley Marl

    I like the longer shows 🙂

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    Thanks for the show guys.

    Yeah I was pretty excited for a 4th Indy, despite my hatred for Shy LeBeowulf…but I wanted to turn it off after he got hit with the atomic bomb.

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    Best episode to date! More mailbag shows are strongly encouraged! The flow was fantastic and the content highly amusing. The rants were also well monitored with Ryan there to get things back to the question at hand. I think this kind of show will really win back more fans to the patron side. Well done.

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    Roy Preston

    Love the idea of a monthly Q&A episode!

    Are you both Canadians? You appear to have deep south accents to my Brtish ears!

    Roy P

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