Slumdog Millionaire, this ain’t

Is it a crime to love someone? It is when you’re a Hindu and the person you fall for is from a different “class” as you. As much as I hate most religions, I have a special disgust for Hinduism, which dictates from birth the future of individuals based on the confining doctrine of karma and social caste. They are crazy enough about that shit to try and murder a couple who only want to live their lives together. Childhood sweethearts for fuck sakes! You don’t get sweeter than that.

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    Actually, it’s caste, and they don’t want them to marry IN the same sub-caste. They don’t want these two married because they are viewed as first cousins, when they’re generally not. But yeah, this is a fucked up practice.

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    Vijay Kishore

    The precise term being “gotra”.

    Read this wikipedia page for more insight.

    It’s good that Supreme Court and High Court are not ready to bend laws, at least for now.

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