Abortion and the Church of Scientology

Oh Scientology, you’re so backwards. Don’t you know religions are supposed to stop abortions, not force them on people? But seriously, watch this video. It’s fucked up. Or if you’re at work or something, here’s the written version.

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    Mixed feelings… Um, 16 & 17 year olds probably shouldn’t be GETTING MARRIED, much less having kids. And, having Scientologist kids?! Definitely not.

    They would’ve needed parental consent for the marriages… were their folks in the church? WTF? Messed up, all around. I get the sense that they were abused girls with little sense of self-worth, who ended up abused by the church. It’s good they left and regained their lives. [sort of]

    Tragic, the level of control and manipulation that Scientology exhibits on people. BUT, these women showed a lot of courage leaving.
    I worry, however, that the conflict stems from social stigma and guilt put on women who have abortions…

    The video is spun more like Right to Life propaganda. Irresponsibly so.

    Quite a contrast with Mormonism, which views women as “breeders of the flock”, while to Scientology, the Sea Org “worker bees” are not to stray off-course. Dehumanization at each extreme.

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