TGA Podcast: Episode 97 1/2

This week, my special guest Jeff Jones is here to talk about why taking on Mother Teresa is a lost cause, and also we’ll discuss my new bullshit religion! Be sure to comment on the podcast if you like the idea of making this a wiki project.

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    Forums please!!

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    Definitely Forums. The Wiki does sound like a potentially brilliant experiment.
    Take it easy

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    forums! if you go through with it and need any help send me an email.

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    Alicia Trinidad

    why is mother teresa is a bitch… someone said that once on youtube… is this from a book or something. i’ve only ever heared this from atheists.

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    Absolutely add a forum.

    It’s nice having comments, but with a forum you can actually have ongoing conversations/debates/questions/etc.

    I think it would drive up traffic too. I check the site a few times a week, i’d check in more often if there was even a semi-active forum. Plus, it would make interaction with fans easier, so you could do question shows, or answer a question at the end of each show, etc.

    Also, i dig the tshirt idea, i hope it drives up subs for you. Although, my renew date is coming up soon. I was going to renew, but now i have to figure out a strategy to ensure i’m the 5th person that day, hmmm…

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