No one in Arizona is racist, I swear!

It still surprises me how some people still think that Arizona’s draconian Anti-Immigration laws aren’t racist. I hear the same cavalcade of pathetic explanation trying to justify the blatantly immoral actions of the state to essentially criminalize being a darker skin color. If you still don’t believe me, then allow me to show you exhibit A, a school in Prescott, Arizona at the center of another race related controversy. The principle at Miller Valley Elementary School wants a mural depicting children taking environmentally friendly transportation to be “lightened”, since the most prominent children in the picture are not in fact white.

[Principle] Lane said that he received only three complaints about the mural and that his request for a touch-up had nothing to do with political pressure. “We asked them to fix the shading on the children’s faces,” he said. “We were looking at it from an artistic view. Nothing at all to do with race.”

City Councilman Steve Blair spearheaded a public campaign on his talk show at Prescott radio station KYCA-AM (1490) to remove the mural.

In a broadcast last month, according to the Daily Courier in Prescott, Blair mistakenly complained that the most prominent child in the painting is African-American, saying: “To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?”

The children in the mural were actually selected from real students who go to the school, and the parents and children all loved it. Unfortunately for them, racism and bigotry are alive and well in Arizona. The artists who made the mural reported during its creation, they were subject to hecklers who screamed racial slurs at them. It looks like most people aren’t even bothering to cover up their obvious hatred of anyone who doesn’t have white skin. Congratulations Arizona state on once again making me want to vomit with rage!

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    I live in AZ for ten years. This sort of crap is why I’m happy to be out of there. It is a beautiful part of the country, amazing landscapes, gorgeous mountains, woods, rivers, canyons…but unfortunately a lot of hateful bigots live there…and they take pride in it.

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    Two days ago I drove through Arizona moving to San Diego, and what Davo says is right – fuckin’ gorgeous.

    At the same time however, all I could think was that I was surrounded by a bounty of bigots. Each gas station I pulled into was suspect, and there are anti-meth billboards everywhere.

    Otherwise… pretty good trip!

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    Jack Wilson

    I am the former Mayor of Prescott Arizona and I have called for the resignation of City Councilman Steve Blair because of his racist remarks. See my blog post at

    Steve, if you truly love Prescott you need to resign

    See our group Facebook page
    Calling for the Resignation of Steve Blair, Prescott, AZ City Councilman

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    great post, thanks. theres great stuff in this website

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    Can’t say I follow your reasoning on this one, Jacob… Laws and actions (and people) should be evaluated on their own merit.

    Not in a vacuum, mind you, but, It’s a bit of a weak tactic to say, “Hey, look at the racist shit being pulled in Prescott. Proves that new Arizona state law is racist, too.”

    Your “Exhibit A” would likely be judged immaterial regarding immigration.

    That said, both events ARE part of a disturbing, reactionary trend. Another sad trend: painting beliefs & attitudes, and entire situations with broad brush strokes, in black and white terms.

    The proof will be in how the law is enforced (or abused). It’s poorly worded [what isn’t, these days?], and like many U.S. issues, involves a “state vs. federal rights” debate.

    Folks getting stopped for being brown is one thing; having to show ID/documentation after committing a crime is another. Misinformation abounds.

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    Carman Stent

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

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    Thanks JACK!

    Blair is not only racist – he is an idiot. For folks not in Prescott, it feels like you are in an episode of the Twilight Zone when you hear him talk…you want to look around and ask, “Does anyone actually HEAR this ignorant moron?”

    I will be sure to pass on the petition.

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