A Winner is Me: Episode 1

Hey guys, Jeff and I just finished putting the finishing touches on the first episode of our new side project, A Winner is Me. and it’s up now! If you love video games like we do and you’ve ever spent an evening shit-talking to your friends while playing together, this show is for you. Remember to sign up to our youtube channel while we work on developing a kick ass website for it in the near future. Enjoy!

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    I thought it was funny when he stole the mushrooms since I always do that, but I take it further by picking up my teammate and throwing them into spikes or lava.

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    Nice. I’d like to see more.

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    “It doesn’t look like a turtle, it has a haircut!”.

    I liked it, my only suggestion is more in-game stuff to match up to the audio.

    I hope you guys keep them coming! Oh, and come on Jacob, i don’t care how many years it has been, no one forgets how to fight a turtle in a Mario game!

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    “Luigi Lapasta” classic, very funny stuff. I demand at least 5 mins per episode, bring me more. You guys should do fake commercials in between segments where you try and sell ridicules shit now that would be historical.

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    Nicely done, chaps… looking forward to episode two!

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    Kevin V

    Love the concept but drop the Wii.
    PS3 or 360 Jake?

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    Between the 2 of us we have all the machines, so we’re good to review anything. The only criteria we really have is that it’s 2 player co-op and has potential to be crappy/hilarious 🙂

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    Look you two should go after some Canadian film grants. They’ve been giving that stuff out like candy for years, especially in Quebec.

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    eric denney

    wii’s suck definitely ps3 x360

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    Chris Young

    It’s kind of like a semi intellectual “Beavis and Butthead”, very semi intellectual;) Am I showing my age?

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    “i need more pot”
    games and pot, such a beautiful combo

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    okay, you guys cannot imagine how much I love this! You so need to have your own show on like Adult Swim or something. So fuckin hilarious.

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    That made me crack up. Well done, sirs.

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