Is it really that easy?

Is it really that easy to bamboozle religious people out of their hard earned money? What the fuck am I doing catering to atheists? We’re all fucking cheapskates! I chose the wrong line of work to get rich, that’s for sure…

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    would you rather be rich and wrong or right and poor,, err not rich…
    Id rather be right

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    I think you are more “blessed” by saving 10% than actually giving it to a mega church….or maybe they should spend it dance lessons, just a thought

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    “we’re the gangsters” in proper english? what the hell is wrong with these people?

    oh and Jacob, 4 posts in one evening. Is it fair to say you’re back? Bigger and badder than ever.

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    Have you seen those Mega Churches on TV, of course its easy to bamboozle people out their money.

    When your convinced a jealous homicidal sky fairy is going to burn you in a pit fire for all eternity if you don’t do what the preacher says the sky fairy told him to tell you to do, getting 10 bucks a week isn’t going to be all that hard.

    Of course there is nothing stopping you from opening Flying Mo’s Spaghetti House; a gourmet pasta place where you’re served by hot babes in bikinis, beer is drunk from a volcano shaped glass, and the classic $10.00 “Noodly Appendage” special comes with two large homemade meatballs nestled in the center of a heaping portion of decoratively arranged spaghetti topped with a tangy marinara sauce then smothered with a signature three cheese blend.

    Can you tell I love pasta? 😉


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    It’s true… us Atheists are so cheap! Not only have I not become a patron (yet), I have to turn my underwear inside-out every other day just to last out the week =( All of which I blame on my lack of employment. As soon as that’s remedied, I’ll start wearing clean undies *every* day just like Mum told me. And I’ll give you guys some money, of course =)

    On a related note, when religious people talk about how “Christians give more to charity than Atheists!”, maybe it’s because they tend to give to SHITTY charities. The kind of charities that think what starving Africans really need is the Bible. Or better still, talking Bibles.

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    I gotta admit, declaring themselves to be gangsters is not what I had in mind when I hoped churches would come clean with their flaws.

    It is a start, though. ‘Tithes or eternal fire’ is an offer believers can’t refuse…

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    Is this for real? I find it hilarious that they are bitching about their income while wearing ‘bling’. oh well, those are rappers for you.

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    They really nailed the hip hop culture.

    God does need your dollars – he can’t do all that shit he does for free.
    Hurricanes, earthquakes and AIDS don’t just happen.

    They got it right too, when you tithe – that’s right off the top, not after taxes. Don’t bullshit God.

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    Kevin V


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    “Three times a day, my kids want to eat” OH NOOOOOOO MY CHILDREN ARE HUNGRYYYYYY
    I’m sorry for the language but seriously, what are they trying to say here? “Starve your children, and GIVE US MONEY!”?
    Do they WANT the children growing up hting the church for taking away their lunch?

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