TGA Podcast: Episode 96

We decide to argue ideas instead of news on this week’s show. Jake goes into the unstated assumptions made by religious people when they subscribe to their mumbo-jumbo, and then we talk about how monotheism inherently leads to religious people trying to push their beliefs on everyone. We also end up kinda sorta almost talking about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell legislature, and Ryan reveals that he thinks buttsecks is ‘icky gross.’

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    To quote Oscar Wilde, Buttsecks is only gross if you do it right =)

    As far as you guys not necessarily doing news items – as opposed to riffing on whatever comes to mind – DO IT! That’s not to say you shouldn’t do news if you feel the urge, but if talking about something else that’s on your mind makes for grist for the mill, so be it.

    Besides, there are plenty of other places to find news. You guys, however, have a sense of humour and a dynamic that I can’t find elsewhere. I say run with it.

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    😉 This was the “gayest” episode yet and Jeff wasn’t even guest starring. Hehe just kidding guys, it was good. (and we do need more Jeff!)

    I agree that you can still have a good show without being totally topical. Maybe sometimes the percentage can be like 20% news and the rest discussing ideas and controversies. But as you know, the way the internet is you have to keep adding frequent and quality content to keep people returning. I know you’ll find a balance. Stick with it.

    Good luck with the new job

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    Good show. You’re right about jobs. I’ve often lamented they take the best hours of the day, best days of the week, best years of your fucking life. Thats why it’s best to find a job you love…or it’s hell. It’s also damn near impossible.

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    HAHAHAHA!!! Butt secret!! I was thinking something along the lines of the Ark of the Covenant. Jacob see’s the aforementioned butt and spirits go flying everywhere and nazi’s faces melt off… good times.. good times.

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    Just commenting about the Bryce/Brice comment of him being the only atheist. I feel your pain I’m still in high school and people are almost thinking for themselves instead of listening to mommy and daddy and how some peolpe don’t even know about their own relgion. One day, we were talking about the U.S consitution ammendments and such and our teacher was talking about laws. One being freedom of religion but you can’t kill someone even though in your religion it says its ok. Some idiot said “What religion allows that” in my head I wanted to yell at kid and think really? Almost all of them? I wanted to ask sir are you retarded or how about say christianity which most peolpe in my school are.

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    I would like a balance between the news and the philosophical talks. News is interesting, but so are the big thinkers and maybe interviews with some philosophers.

    keep up the good work

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    maybe you could do a multipart talk about the history of atheism and its various aspects and spread that out at the end of the podcast for a few episodes. I think i remember you saying you dont like having that type of structure, but i myself enjoy a little of it from time to time.

    I recon that would be cool, but it would take a bit of work and preparation.


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