Should science programs be ‘impartial’ to religion?

Morgan Freeman is doing a series of TV shows for the Science Channel called ‘Through the Wormhole’, which discusses advances in discovery that astrobiology, string theory, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics have been making in our understanding of the universe. And while there are some signs  Freeman himself isn’t exactly the most religious person in the world, he still had to pander to the religious crowd while promoting the show on NPR. Here’s what the first caller in to the radio program asked Freeman:

VINCE: My question, Mr. Freeman, is how impartial is the series overall to different views of science and religion?

Mr. FREEMAN: Well, you – I don’t think you can make a series like this and have it partial, because we have to entertain all thoughts, all of the theories around a certain subject. The whole idea is to bring in all of the different theories and thoughts. Particularly if you’re talking about something like creation, you know, you can’t just go in and say this is such and this is such and this is such. Actually, nobody knows. So we get – try to get a rounded perspective on it.

CONAN: The – having seen that episode, even if in a beta form, and I think the only parts I didn’t see were some, obviously the full narration, but there were some illustration system, some graphics that weren’t inserted as yet. But nevertheless, there were – those who take a literal reading of the Bible will not find that view even mentioned.

Mr. FREEMAN: Or very encouraging. No, no, no, they will not, but still, we have to accept that if you take the Bible literally, then the world is only about 6,000 years old. So we have to do that with care, of course, but ask the questions. So mostly what the series does is ask the questions. I don’t think it produces any answers.

CONAN: It does not come to a firm conclusion on the point, Vince, I can assure of that, without giving away the ending.

Mr. FREEMAN: Okay.

Wrap your head around the question again: how ‘impartial’ is this science series when dealing with science and religion. What? I would hope the show is partial to SCIENCE since science is real and religion is kooky garbage. It’s nice to hear Freeman say literalists are not going to be happy about the ideas discussed, but holy crap. If religious people are still stuck on garbage like the age of the earth, how are you supposed to remain ‘impartial’ as far as they’re concerned while voicing advanced theories on the nature of the universe as a whole?

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    Joseph Smidt

    Yeah, the age of the earth is well established. Scientists should not bend over backwards to accommodate the ideas the earth is only 6000 years old.

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    Morgan Freeman was just on the daily show and used the god of the gaps argument to explain many scientists’ understanding of dark matter. Do leading scientists on dark matter really jump to the conclusion that god is responsible for it? That just sounded so wrong and unscientific.

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    i think one of the pillars of science (and as such should also be in science programs) is that it doesn’t pander to anything. People really need to come to terms with the fact that Science and Religion are NOT sides of the same coin.

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    Why don’t we let the Flat Earth Society become involved in urban planning to make sure that buildings don’t offset the balance of the Earth’s diameter, or Reiki masters involved in the mental health system to boost people’s mood by infusing them with energy. It’s either all or nothing, if they want equal footing in things; they need to be prepared to make room for everyone else too, or suffer legal consequences.

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    eric denney

    Morgan really annoyed me on the Daily Show, saying what scientists don’t know is the “God factor” as if don’t know=God.

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    Jennifer Juniper

    Yeah, I watched that Daily Show last night and was bothered by it. No WAY do REAL scientists call what they haven’t figured out yet “God.” ::shudder:: At least I HOPE not…

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    Electric Shower ·

    you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today ‘

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    Personally I can say my thought of Freeman has greatly diminished – he is either pandering to the religious market or is one of those people with unlimited resources who spends very little of it educating themselves. Sad either way.

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    Jordan Edwards

    there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman ~*’

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