Gays eat the poo poo

Here’s a remix of a few videos coming out of Uganda where the National Taskforce Against Homosexuality (represented of course by Christian leaders) is trying to whip up anti-homosexual sentiment by claiming the gays are all about poo-poo eating and butt fisting. They say a few other things, but this clip really shows how strangely pre-occupied they are with the poop angle for some reason. It’s hilarious in is stupidity, but it’s hard to keep laughing once you remember gay people in Africa are being harassed, jailed, and tortured because of stuff like this.

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    Marley Marl

    What about women who like to get shat on, and fisted? :S

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    Marley’s right, what’s with all the sexism.

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    Ryan Harkness

    Plus I bet half the animals in Africa eat the poo poo. So I guess it isn’t as unnatural and deviant as they make it out to be…

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    Says the preacher ‘doctor’ as he sits in front of his Macbook Pro which is made by Apple – one of the most pro-gay corporations in the world.

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    wow, All this time I was licking the wrong thing! Thanks Uganda, The next time i hear the term ‘shit sundae’ i’ll think of you….

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    lol, this video is hilarious

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    this just makes them look somewhat primitive to me, the fear campaign, bias and misinformation, and then the crowd goes wild! NOOO i dont want my child to be forced to be gay and eat shit! NOOOOOOOOO

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    The trick (when training a new human toilet) is to mix a little candy into your poo-poo before you feed it to your toilet-slave. There are also things like getting them to lick your dirty underwear or used toilet tissue to get used to the taste. Obviously you’ve got to be comfortable with your *own* poo-poo first, but it can be done.

    Let’s just say I’m way too curious for my own good and things out of left field fascinate me.

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    Wait after the anal licking story and the story of drugged fisting but before the porn THAT’S when he says the children should leave? Seems like it should have been earlier.

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    Richard Feinburg

    The guy in the video is gay. He looks like he is enjoying talking about licking and eating poo.

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    Right… I’m sure absolutely EVERY gay man is into rimming.


    “Let’s discuss what these people are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms.”

    That’s what he says. Right in the beginning. What the hell makes this unbelievable fucktard think that he can rant about what two adults do to pleasure and make love to each other in the PRIVACY of their own bedrooms and make it sound like valid argument?

    It’s people like this I see posing a very real threat to children’s mental health and physical safety. Do they not realize that, of all the adults in that room, it’s very possible at least one of them may have a homosexual child? Do they not think ahead to what affect they could be having on that child’s future?

    One day one of their kids is going to come home beaten to a pulp and when they learn why they’ll either have to blame themselves or kick the kid back out to the street. Hell, I bet that doctor would beat them himself.

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