More evidence that S.E. Cupp is disingenuous

Here’s a great video exposing some of the more questionable things S.E. Cupp has said in trying to pander to the religious right. Now, whether or not she’s wasting her breath talking to Christians who simply don’t like her because she says she’s not a believer, or is appealing to a strange demographic of conservative non-believers who somehow WANT Christianity to have more influence in government and culture, I can’t determine. One thing I do know for sure: she’s full of shit, and totally dishonest about the way both liberal and conservative media cater to religion. The only real difference is between the two is the “liberal media” is more tolerant of anything which occasionally conflicts with the beliefs of some Americans regarding the teaching of science (specifically evolution), or anything that involves the separation of church and state. It’s really as simple as that, folks.

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    S.E. Cupp should stop writing books and start making porn. Holy Shit she’s hot!

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    You have to give it to her that she’s found herself an untapped resource. I don’t know about you, but I’d tap that resource.

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    Richard Feinburg

    I would second that, Darryl. I would like to know why she is an atheist. Most atheist are super liberal or Libertarian.

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    Alicia Trinidad

    is it just me or do you think s.e. cupp is an undercover creationiat! i mean, its not like you HAVE to be a liberal if your atheist but she does like to ignore actual facts, only focus on parts of things that can support her own beliefs and ignore the rest… SOUNDS like a creationist to me…

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    I’d fuck her stupid, but it appears somebody already beat me to it.

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    joe Botelho

    I would totally buy her porno. Her and palin should do a hot conservitive porn toghter.

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    SE Cupp is a FRAUD! @darryl yes.. she is hot.. porn would be a good career for her! 🙂

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    Vincent Truman

    I guess every demographic gets their own Sarah Palin now.

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    S.E. Cupp is a pathetic fraud but some of the posters here are just as bad.

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