Leviticus smackdown

I got over sites that blog about the stuff people say and do on Facebook pretty quickly, but I just had to share this particular exchange. My favorite line: “I believe in morality, which is doing right regardless of what I am told … not religion, which is doing what I am told regardless of what is right.” BAM!

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    That made my day. I want to buy L Smudgey Smudge a beer.

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    nothing more pathetic than a ku klux republiklan bible banger

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    That was an awesome response, i may have to use it!

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    J. N. Hudson

    As the only atheist in a family full of fundies I get to pull shit like that on a daily basis, and the logical disconnect with these people is bloody fucking astounding. Apparently every law or commandment in the Old Testament applies to everyone, unless it’s unconvenient for the fundie, in which case they claim “That was Old Testament and that doesn’t apply anymore”.

    In fact I have heard quite a few of them claim that “It condemns X right there in the bible” about….
    Drugs, specifically marijuana
    Long hair on men
    Rock and especially rap music
    Equal rights for non whites
    Video games and comic books
    MSNBC and every other news outlet that isn’t FOX News;
    and most baffaling… cell phones.

    And when asked where “X” can be found being condemned in the bible the response I get most often is, no kidding… “I don’t know, but the preacher says it’s in there.” I think most fundies are making shit up as the go.

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    golf clap..

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