Facebook kills “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” page

You can’t expect a private corporation to care about something as important as free speech, but it’s still a disappointment to hear the childish cries of outraged Muslims all over the world was enough for Facebook to kill the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” page from the “interwebs”.

It’s equally ironic/tragic the woman responsible for the whole thing also retracted and issued a sincere apology (even going so far as claiming she never intended to get this thing off the ground, even though a radio interview with her says otherwise). I guess she couldn’t stand the idea when people practice free speech, you invariably have some of the disagreeable kind in there as well. Hey folks, if you want speech to be safe, there’s no better safeguard against hurt feelings than good old fashion censorship. Of course, you might also not be allowed to say some important things as well in the process, so it’s best you get over your little ego and just accept the fact some people will always say shit you don’t like. The flip-side is no one is FORCING you to listen. If you don’t like it, do what the rest of us do every time some religious douche-bag starts spewing nonsense: ignore the fuckers.

**NOTE** It would appear the page is, in fact, quite alive and well. In any case, even if the page had been taken down, someone else would have started up another in no time flat. The truth is blasphemous drawings of the prophet will continue until Muslims learn none of them is protected against getting their feelings hurt.

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    Facebook is fucked up. Guess money talks when a whole state bans your product you submit and pander to their wishes.

    I get why the chick who started it wanted to get rid of it but I would not apologize for making it. She made a statement and was proven right, its a shame she didn’t stick with it but i understand. Just goes to show when your religion can’t take criticism its not a good religion to begin with, Not that there are any good religions to speak of.

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    As if I needed one more reason to despise facebook.

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    J. N. Hudson

    There was a time that the christian church executed those who engaged in what it called “blasphemy”. Then things like the Protestant Revolution and The Enlightenment came along and there where simply too many people engaging in blasphemy than they could kill. It’s high time that Islam learn that lesson.

    Facebook caving and erasing this page is likely representive of a double standard on their part, while I personally am not familiar with Facebook I am very familiar with FSTDT and see quote from all sorts of facebook groups insulting all kinds of groups of people from christians to gays to atheists to blacks, latinos, etc, every single day and i never see or hear anything about them getting shut down, and as deplorable as i find them to be they should not be shut down because for speech to be free it must be absolute with no subject or sentiment considered taboo or censored.

    It is forbidden for observant muslims to draw or craft an image of the prophet Mohammed. Observant Muslims. Not an epithet one would use to describe people who, while exercising there freedoms of speech and expression, choose to draw an image of Mohammed in protest of the threats of death and physical violence leveled against the creators of South Park and others and the actual violence directed at Lars Vilks. It is not, nor should it be, the place of Facebook, Comedy Central, or angry muslims who think that everything can be solved with violence, that they have the right to dictate the actions of anyone who is not themselves.

    For muslims, The Qu’ran instructs muslims to keep faithful to the will of Allah, not to force others to do so. Faith and obidience to the will of Allah are not, and will not, be born out of fear, threats, or violence and you do a disservice to yourselves and your entire religion by doing so.

    For Facebook, Comedy Central, Etc. Everytime, every single time you cave to threats or pressure to censor not only yourselves, but others, you make it that much easier the next time. You set a precedent that you WILL back down, that you WILL censor others, and it won’t always be muslim fundamentalists making the threats. Everytime you chip away at the principle of free speech you empower those who would silence you and others. Where does it stop? How much of the priciple of Freedom of Speech and Expression can you willingly carve away before it’s too much? Any amount is too much.

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    They’re a private corporation, it’s not in their interest to host content that offends large portions of their customers.

    I think Facebook did a pretty good job for quite a long time however, the page was kept up well past May 20, although going down several times and was brought back.

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    I’m confused, it looks to me like the facebook page is still there

    I think you misunderstood the story. Pakistan blocked the site… facebook didn’t change anything. There are still over 3000 pictures in the group.

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    Yep, TGA’s like two weeks late. There was a problem (don’t know of its exact nature) but it only lasted for a day or so.

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    yeah, it was dead and buried but it rose again.

    The page is risen!

    It is risen indeed.

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    Roxanne R

    The page was re-created the same day Facebook deleted the original. As for the woman who started the whole thing, I understand that she received death threats. It’s understandable to be scared for your life and try to back peddle. She wasn’t ready to give her life for this project and I don’t blame her. The idea was safer without a specific face to target.

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    Fred johnson

    Anyone who threatens those who partakes in draw Mohammad with death threats need to hunted down like the criminals they are and charged with the full force of law.

    The laws are there and need to be enforced, instead of making exceptions for religions dicks. Death threats are illegal in most countries, get some police onto the job to find these bastards.

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    That’s it, I’ve scheduled my Facebook account to be deleted, I’m just sad there was no place to rant on why I’m deleting the account.

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