Oh, Jacob where art thou?

Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t been keeping the site as up to date as I normally do. Unfortunately, due to a serious money shortfall, I’ve had to go back to work for a while, and this means I can’t devote as much time to the site as I would like. Also quite problematic is the fact podcasts are extremely hard to produce, and so for the next little while things might be a bit spotty. I’ll try my best, but to be honest doing both is taking a pretty serious toll on me. A thousand apologies to patrons for the delays; I just can’t seem to have much magic when my day is spent doing menial tasks. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill the bank account back up quickly enough so most of you don’t notice my absence. In the meantime, I’ll try to get Ryan to write stuff, and if I have enough energy, continue to post things of interest that I find.

Sorry gang, I hate doing this now, but trust me when I say desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re sympathetic to this, and want to benefit from being a member, I can assure you that now is an ideal time to do so.

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    Oy, I think it’s time you get back to basics. Look at the job as a means to funding your passions. I think you’re falling back into some bad habits from the old days.

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    I empathize with your situation, I really do. However, I was a patron for the first year and decided not to join back up. I sent a couple of emails throughout the year for topics/ideas of interest and didn’t receive replies. I found the bonus show to be extra content (minutes) but no extra value (research, topics, themes, etc.). It didn’t make sense for me to pay for what I could get a little less of for free. I was also frustrated when things got behind with the schedule, particularly as a patron, not on the free show. I listen to another (free, though ad supported) podcast that banks some spare shows in the event someone is out sick or has to be away. I would love to become a patron again and I think patrons would even pay more if there were more value. . .

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    Hi Jacob,

    You have to do what you have to do. As a patron, I pay for the extra shows because I find them hugely entertaining and at the price you ask they are tremendous value for money. When we get all that content for such a tiny payment I think it is perfectly fine to have a few missed or late shows while you attend to other area of your life. They are always worth the wait and for $20 a year or so it would be wrong for patrons to expect a personal researcher or for you to put the podcasts above everything else in your life. The site is awesome as are the shows. I’m sure I’m like most other patrons when I say I’m happy to support the website and the podcast and I have no issue at all with a little delay and the odd missed show while you earn a living. It’s something we all have to do.



    PS Use the rage generated by the day job to fuel those trademark rants! 🙂

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    Jacob Fortin

    LB, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by Habits from the old days. What old days? What habits?

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    as in podcasting infrequently, slow posting-rate etc…

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    I say that as a patron who just renewed BTW

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    Mark Hryniuk

    I find it quite amazing that for a lousy 10 cups of Tim Horton coffee, people “expect” to be entertained for ever!

    I never expected you to be homeless and reporting from the field, just random rants and some entertainment for me. If there is “bonus stuff”, great! if nothing to report then that is fine too.

    For me on a personal side, I have found that some people just want someone else to “bring it to me”, and when that someone does not, then they feel that they are deserving something back because they “paid for it”.

    What I like about your podcast is that your not afraid to say it, even if I don’t agree with you all the time (though mostly).

    Laughter is the best way to put on an edge without people finding it offensive. No one has the right to be offended! If we could, then we could sue all kinds of fucktards who think their shit trumps others shit!

    Imagine all of the giant torture devises (crucifixes) people have erected along our highways and open spaces, if i could sue for the 125 foot behemoth that is erected on a “private” hill on the way to work, then I would file a suit yesterday. I am extremely offended that the Government of Saskghanistan has put up a sign from both directions and put their stamp of approval on it saying it is “millennium cross shrine”.

    I can’t even put up a sign for my business because it might distract some one from the highway and cause an accident, but a fucking giant white cross with a red light on top and floodlights shining on it at night is Ok?

    This is the kinds of things I would like you to rant about!
    One day I will send you a picture and see what you think of this piece of work?!

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    First, @Mark, everyone does have the right to be offended, no one has a right to not be offended, that’s an important distinction.

    As for some of the other points in this thread, personally i think the bonus show should be scrapped and focus should be put on the the main show. Right now, there is huge variability in the show length (i just looked at the shows i have saved in itunes, the main show ranges from 30-60 minutes usually, the bonus from 20-90 minutes) and for reasons i can’t really explain i’m really bothered by that. I guess it’s a matter of liking to know what i’m getting every week.

    For me podcasts have essentially replaced TV, i listen (and watch) podcasts every week like i would a tv show. In my itunes feed right now there are a dozen shows, and TGA and TGA bonus are the only two that don’t stick to a consistent schedule or show length. I really think the show would be better off if the focus was just on releasing a single 45-60 minute show, once a week rather than sporadically tossing out 50-150 minutes of content a week.

    You may lose patrons that way (if there is no bonus incentive), but i don’t think so. I’m a patron of the show because i enjoy it and want to support it, not because i want an extra 20 minutes a week. I subscribe to The /Filmcast, they produce a weekly show and weekly bonus show, all free, but have a donate option and i donate because i enjoy the show and want to support it.

    I really think the show would be more solid if you focused on just the single episode, perhaps a little more structured. And, as KM alluded to, more fan involvement (whether that’s email questions, call in shows on skype, hell, i’d love to see a forum here to allow actual discussion as these threads don’t work all that well).

    I still love the show, i hope you’re still able (and willing) to produce more content.

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    I guess what’s depressing is Jacob seemed to be on such a roll but I know reality can bite one is the ass unexpectedly. But I think Mark hit the nail on the head, the site needs consistent care and the fan base needs communication.

    I know working a shitty job can be a rough start, I have an engineering degree and have been temping for less than what a best buy employee makes. Not to mention the added weight of owing enough money to the man buy a small house. It’s not easy.

    I’ll also echo mark’s comments. I still love the site and I find it relentlessly cathartic. If I could have given more money I would have. The best advice is just clear out the distractions and get back to what made this place great. (ie. the endless mockery of religion)

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    Dude, the bonus show to me is an extra, when I donate to an atheist podcast I do it to support Our cause and the people who make it. life is short then your die, so don’t let it get to you, when the podasts come they come. Thanks for all the great entertainment, keep it coming.

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    I joined about 2 months ago so haven’t renewed because i only just started! but i joined to support the cause more than anything. The extra material is awesome though and i like to have it.

    Do what you’ve got to do, at only 20 a year thats really cheap.
    Im sure youve thought about advertising on the podcast, i wouldnt care if there was an advertisement at the beginning or end if it help you do your work.

    Hope all is well
    Keep a positive outlook
    thanks for your work

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    Well Jacob, this is what happens when you fuck with Jesus.

    Repent, repent!

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    Sucks that you gotta go back to a 9 to 5, is ryan still full time @fightlinker?

    As a fan of both sites (fightlinker and TGA), I really felt the content just slipped, and got worse over the years. Your other blog is run by other writers that are horrible and not funny. This one is inactive and lacks funny commentary (which is why I used to come here in the first place), and instead it was just replaced with opinions.

    Maybe it was too much for you guys when you went full time?

    PS: how did the pilot go?

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