This will bring a tear to your eyes

Maybe I’m just a big softy, but when I saw this video posted on Pharyngula the other day, it brought a little tear to my eye. Anyone who still holds on to the idea we are the only species capable of such a complex range of emotion has probably never really bothered to research our ape cousins. Just ask Jane Goodall (my dream grandmother) what the range of ape emotions are: she claims they are exactly the same as ours. I find it amazing there is a universality to friendship, love and affection in this world. Don’t you?

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    Richard Feinburg

    I’m sorry but it’s a Gorilla not a human. No tear from me.

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    More than a little tear here. That is fantastic.

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    Carl Elvis

    I teared up as well. Great video.

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    Donald Clarkson

    Richard Feinburg, do you experience compassion/sympathy/empathy only towards your own species? Can you explain?

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    That is a pretty remarkable relationship they have.

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    Richard, you missed the point, (but maybe you are just a troll)

    If we roll back history and replay it, it might as well be the “gorilla” in the motor boat and us in the forest. And I mean it litterally, we share the same common ancestor that live not that long ago and this video showed how much we are close.

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    Thats amazing, it really shows we are related. The extent in which the gorilla went to keep in contact, not wanting to let go then following down to the campsite, it no accident.
    Great find

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    Sadly, we are mostly only trouble for animals like gorillas, but moments like this one are a beautiful exception. If that had been me, I would have found it really hard to leave.
    Poor Richard Feinburg – sadly one does encounter people like him all too often in life.

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    I would love for this to be a kind of proof of close relation with the apes. I don’t need proof, genetics proves it fine for me, but sadly, not for other people.

    I think of dogs….who display identical if not sometimes more intense emotion displayed here.

    Personally I find the intellectual links more powerful. Some species of apes using tools, solving problems etc. It’s unique to the ape…but emotion is more diverse.

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