TGA Podcast: Episode 94 1/2

This week on the bonus show: Why Draw Mohammed Day was necessary, and how the person responsible has since washed their hands of it, and how the Catholic Church is more interested in excommunicating people for allowing abortions than in hunting down child rapists.

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    MDS aka GoldenArms

    if we abort babies, that will be less children for them to molest!

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    I was wondering, if I become a member, will I be able to download the bonus shows to my iTunes or will I have to do something else. I’m kinda new to podcasts and I’ve only done it through iTunes… But I’m addicted to TGA, Jacob, you are my hero. I would gladly give you $20 for the entertainment I’ve recieved already, let alone for the chance at even more…

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    Ryan Harkness

    Yep, when you sign up for the bonus podcasts we give you the feed address for iTunes. You take that URL, click on the Advanced menu item in iTunes and select ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ and then paste the URL into the box that appears. That’s all you have to do!

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