Remember the Sabbath, or God will be angry!

Another great video by the Thinking Atheist. It reminds me of the scene in Religulous when Bill Maher talks to a Jewish entrepreneur who develops all kinds of ludicrous technology intended to trick God into thinking his “people” are observing the Sabbath. Hey morons, if your petty deity really wants you to avoid even striking a match on this day of rest, do you really think a digital timer turned on the day before is going to fool him? Is it possible you don’t even take your own beliefs that seriously?

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    I loved the part when the guy walked by Maher calling him a schmuck. Priceless!

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    I used to be Jewish – now an atheist.
    The hilarious/sad part about the video is I could explain to you every detail in accordance to Jewish law about why it is or isn’t allowed….

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    J. N. Hudson

    You would think that their “god” would be even angrier by their attempt to decieve. Besides, wouldn’t just opening the oven be a violation of the prohibition against work on the sabbath, at least for the ultra-orthodox jews?

    My grandmother and her sisters worked for a few of the jewish families in my hometown when they were teenagers (mid to late 30’s), their job was to do things like turning on the lights, starting the ovens, flushing the toilets, and all the other things they couldn’t do because of the sabbath. They would go there on friday evenings to turn on lights and stay till 11pm when they would turn off the lights, then they would have to go back early on saturday morning and basically wait on them hand and foot until sundown. they got around the sabbath by having non Jews do all things that would be a violation of the sabbath.

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