Nun gets excommunicated for allowing abortion

Here’s the deal: you can forcibly rape hundreds of children, beat them, mistreat them, and fuck them up for the rest of their lives and keep your job, but if you so much as help one woman have an abortion, you’re automatically excommunicated. It’s a harsh lesson Sister Margret McBride recently learned when she was punished for allowing a woman, who was on the verge of death due to complications with her pregnancy, to have an abortion in her hospital.

Although it’s not a big deal for non-believers, excommunication is as serious a punishment as can be handed out by the Church. It’s not something, however, that’s ever been used for known child rapists, so I find it quite hilarious how quickly Bishop Thomas Olmsted handed out punishment, despite the fact without the procedure, the patient would have died.

Congratulations Catholic Church on showing us yet again why we should all live in a world free of delusion, superstition, and other such religious nonsense. When you can’t even fucking figure out the difference between right in wrong in such a clear cut case, you don’t deserve to tell anyone else what is moral and what isn’t.

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