Kenyan man sacrifices own son for God

Probably one of the scariest and most disturbing stories in the Bible (yeah, I know it’s hard to find one which isn’t fucked up) is of Abraham and Isaac. Commanded by God to kill his son, Abraham ties up the boy and is about to plunge his dagger in his chest when he is stopped at the last minute by Metatron (that’s a real angel name) and instead sacrifices an innocent animal in his stead. It’s some dark shit, people.

This story is generally debated as to it’s relative allegorical meaning, but I don’t think you have to look too hard to figure out what’s going on here: it’s not uncommon for jealous and ancient Gods to demand human sacrifice to appease their “anger” . In modern, civilized society this kind of act is exceedingly rare, but thanks to the delusion of religion, every so often, religious nutjobs kill their own children thinking God commanded them to do so. The latest case of religious infanticide comes all the way from Kitale, Kenya, where a father, convinced God was speaking directly to him, killed his own son as a blood sacrifice. He then sprinkled his blood around the house in some ludicrous and macabre ceremony. Your “what-the-fuck-o-meter” should be going off right about now.

He’s being held in custody and the locals have asked the “Ingrafted Fellowship Church”, which he’s been a member of for less than a month, be investigated to see if they are a cult (newsflash guys: all religions are cults, although admittedly, some are crazier than others).

Another sad tale of woe and misery brought to you by the “power” of religion! Isn’t it grand?

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    Issac isn’t the only kid hauled up to the alter by their father. Jephthah hauled his young daughter up and actually went through with it. This was not “a test.” Judges 11:29-40

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    Don’t forget Jesus – xtianity is based upon him being a human sacrifice and then cannibalized.

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    Apparently the rule about bearing false witness doesn’t apply to god himself.

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    joe botelho

    The story of Abraham is one that got me to start my long path to athiesm. as a kid i always thought how fucking insane that was. Then as a soon to be dad i finally relized that it is totally fucking insane . Like fuck God I’m not sacraficing my son for you. Come down here i sacrafice you arragant asshole.

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    And it gets worse here in kenya and africa in general, uganda, killing the queers? Because of a book? But whats really sad is that everyone is a lukewarm believer.

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