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Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with atheism, but regular contributor Jeff Jones and I are working on a new pilot project called “A Winner is Me”. It’s a cartoon featuring the two of us as we review video games and generally insult one another. If you love the podcast, you’re going to flip out!. Be sure to sign up to our YouTube channel and “stay tooned” (what, you don’t like my pun?) for more updates!

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    A+ cant wait for a full episode, reminds me of Bevis and Butthead a little, need to do a review of the new Star Trek online and how much it flopped.

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    love the jackal

    fightlinker ftw

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    Oooohhhh, Canadian content.

    Keep the swearing down to once or twice an episode and you might get that on late night TV, CityTV perhaps? If you do it right you can get all kinds of government perks and tax breaks.

    Hell, if you guys covered more stories about Religion and its effect on Canadians on your podcast / blog you could maybe even qualify for CanCon tax breaks there too!

    Gotta love them CanCon rules, 40% of the TV broadcast day needs to be Canadian Content and the taxpayers pay you to make it. Just imagine how awesomer it would be to remodel the garage into a professional recording booth with a big fat cheque courtesy of the Canadian government. 😉


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    awesome! go for it, i agree with WCLpeter as well, but fulfill your main premise first.

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    next year I’m going to have to give you guys more money to get some decent audio training.

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    It seems that the sound issue has more to do with how I was exporting the videos and less the recording (we use the same setup as the podcasts) I had published it thinking it would be flash, but since we’re uploading it to youtube, we won’t need to compress it as much. The first episode should sound much less tinny.

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    Roxanne R

    looks like it’s gonna be fun

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