Pedophile Nigerian senator justifies himself through Koran

If you’re a Muslim and you find the idea of child brides offensive, how do you respond to Senator Yerima’s claim since Mohammed married a 9 year old (Aisha), this justifies his recent “marriage” to a 13 year old girl? Muslims believe their prophet led a blameless life, and if the Koran is really supposed to be a guide for how to live one’s life, then he isn’t wrong in his assertion. This is precisely the problem lawmakers in Nigeria are having; there exists a culture of pedophilia because devoted Muslims in the country see nothing wrong with this practice. If it was good enough for Mohammed, they figure it’s good enough for them, no matter how disgusting and despicable the rest of the civilized world feels about it. It’s another example of the evil shit that happens when morons follow the edicts of a 6th century madman.

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    As a Muslim we should read the holy Koran everyday. Allah has said to read Al Koran to build our life and living. The Holy Koran is the complete code of life. We should maintain our life according to Kuran. Allah has created us, so we should respect all His command Know more about Holy Koran

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    That’s nice Afra, so then how do you feel about RAPING children?

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