Blaise Pascal gets schooled

Now just because Blaise Pascal was a brilliant man, it certainly doesn’t mean he wasn’t occasionally staggeringly ignorant. Pascal’s Wager always struck me as the shallowest, and least convincing argument for belief that mysteriously continues to┬ápersist. He completely dismisses the countless religions out there a person could also choose to believe simply because of his own preference towards Christianity. Had he been honest, he would have had to admit there was an equal chance any single other belief system could be true rather than his own (or more likely, that they are all equally wrong). I like how this video also includes all the FUTURE religions which might pop up in the future in their rebuttal. Brilliant!

Isn’t it just easier to keep track of all this nonsense when you just stop believing in the supernatural world? Sure saves me the headache of trying to wager what religion I should be pretending to believe in (and why did Pascal think that was a good idea anyways?).

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    There’s a sequel where he addresses the criticisms of the original video:

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    The film shows why I am an a-theist. The word means ‘without g0d’, which is how I live my life-‘without g0d’.
    g0d is irrelevant in this life. Believe in S/He/It, don’t believe? who cares its irrelevant. There is no REAL proof that S/He/It does anything here, If it is real in some beyond death sort of thing then I’ll worry about then when it is relevant.

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    I loved this. Although I doubt I took it all in as I am dead tired. Really great reasoning though.

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