Military pressuring people to convert to Christianity

There’s nothing scarier than a bunch of religious nutjobs with guns! Here’s a little message to any religious people visiting the site out of curiosity: it’s stories like this which make nonbelievers scared of the way you try to impose your beliefs on everyone else, and it’s especially worrisome when the MILITARY is involved. Religion and war go together like a horse and carriage, and we’re none too pleased about it.

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    When I was in the Marines (92-2k) it was the same. The Chaplains were the cool and inclusive ones, it was the young zealots with a little bit of authority that would force their views on people.

    In a similar story, had a church drop off a bucket of snacks and a copy of the movie ‘Fireproof’ at my firehouse today asking us to share the movie with all the firefighters here. I enjoyed their popcorn and chocolate.

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    I would like to think that the military, being an arm of the Govt, that religion should be kept seperate. Should there by no chapel at all, should belief just be kept in the privacy of their own minds?

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    Roxanne R

    We have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy with gays (wrong), why can’t we have the same policy regarding religious beliefs?

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