Teacher Fail

Here’s a clip from a BBC documentary “Science Friction” which aired back in ’96. As you can see, very little has changed or improved since then. Ignorant jackasses like Joe Wilkey still think they have some sort of powerful insight about creationism that justifies their literal interpretation of mythology. Never mind the fact he’s totally violating the law by teaching his creationist nonsense in school; he’s so delusional about the facts ┬áhe actually thinks he’s giving a fair and balanced approach to teaching in his classroom! It’s painful to watch his indoctrinated students try and regurgitate his religious bullshit. The last guy borders on tragic, saying it’s impossible for black people and white people to share a common ancestor. Yep, that’s religion for ya!

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    Q: ‘How can an African-American person evolve from a White Person? They have different skin!’

    A: Stay in school or consider transfering to school that actually treats science and religion as they are, fact and fiction.

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    Duane Beaudot

    I love how the kid at the end, that you mentioned, is so racist that he has it backwards, saying how can black people evolve from white people.

    Even further, according to his favorite book, all humans came from Noah and his family. I am sure this kid believes Noah was a white dude with a grey beard. So, where does this kid think different races come from? God’s smite?

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    Wow, a lot of dumb in that room. I bet these dummies have been breeding like rabbits too. Alarming & sad.

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    Pete Knight

    It’s hardly surprising that the kids are dumb, look who was teaching them, and he wasn’t giving reality a fair hearing, despite what he claims.

    I worry for the future of humanity when I see stuff like that.

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    I have never seem so much stupidity in one clip. I was smarted than these people in the 5th grade…If you dont understand evolution GET A BOOK AND READ… I dont understand calculus but I know its real…

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    The problem starts with the parents, and the schools either agree with the BS, or are backed up against the wall because of it.

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    “Weeerrreee Diiferunnt Skiiieennn!”

    What the hell? That guy doesn’t even seem to be getting his ideas of the world from the friggin’ Bible… I mean, doesn’t the Bible say everyone is from Adam and Eve? Looks like there’s multiple types and layers of stupid in that class.

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    The last guy made me a tad angry..and sad..uuuugh

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