Pope calls Gay Marriage “Insidious and Dangerous”

In an attempt to try and divert attention away from the fact he knowingly conspired to protect child rapists from prosecution, Pope Benedict XVI called out abortion and same sex marriage as being “insidious and dangerous”, two adjectives which actually effectively describe his OWN organization (but of course that’s a different rant altogether).

He came close to admitting some sort of culpability for the actions of the church (admitting to “sins within the church), but he was smart enough not to be specific about what that entailed exactly. Actually, Ratzinger, there was more than just “sinning” going on; child rape is actually a crime, which is why the rest of the world who doesn’t buy into your bullshit religion is so angry at you. If you were the CEO of any other institution, you’d be on the receiving end of a beating in a “pound me in the ass” style prison. But because millions of delusional idiots think you’re God’s special little avatar, the rest of the world is reluctant to do what’s right.

I’m looking forward to the day when needlessly blaming gays for society’s problems will be correctly seen as blatantly bigoted and wrong. Until then, these cross-dressing, reality denying fuck-faces will continue to fill our airwaves and newspapers with their evil rhetoric. Isn’t life grand?

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    Well of course the Pope considers gay marriage “insideous and dangerous”! If gay men have the same civil liberties as heterosexual men…the potential employment pool for future priests dries up!

    Where else are they going to find self-repressed guilt ridden sadomasochists to promote likewise “values” of self-abuse and recrimination on to future catholics?

    We just CAN’T have gay men be socially comfortable with themselves! It will make them too happy! No one within a religion is permitted to be that happy. Happiness is a sign of the devil in you, don’t you know?

    [yes…the sacrasm is indeed strong in this one]

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    Considering the pope protects pedophiles from the law I’ll ask my local bank robber what he thinks , since his opinion would hold more weight.

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