I like being angry, thanks

I asked a friend of mine a few days ago if she felt I had changed in the past 5 years of knowing me. She replied by saying she felt I was a lot less angry than I was before. I suppose that’s true (to be fair, back then I wasn’t really getting laid much), but I would actually argue in a lot of ways, I’m actually a lot more frustrated than I ever was. The reason is I’ve put myself in a position to get angry over something on an almost daily basis by becoming “The Good Atheist”. According to some of my fellow godless bloggers, this is something we have to get past. As for me, I’m not so sure that’s actually a good idea.

Look, we can all agree in a perfect world we should all be getting along and singing that Coke song together, but we don’t live in a peachy, gum-drop land where total peace of mind and tranquility are yet feasible. What are we to do with the systematic cover-up of child abuse, or of the murder of apostates? How am I supposed to feel when a father murders his raped daughter for his family honor, or when a group of young girls get acid thrown in their faces for trying to get an education?

I think the key here is to know WHERE to direct your anger and resentment over the twisted and evil shit that happens in the name of religion. Yeah, taking out your frustration on that religious chick from work might not be the best idea, but who seriously believes we’re going to get anywhere by smiling, playing nice, and pretending nothing is wrong? Sorry, that’s not the way I roll. If you want the blissful haze of peace and tranquility, try drugs; in the meantime, I’ll keep fuming and calling out people on their shit. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

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    fred johnson

    Not being angry about matters such as child abuse, the pointless murder of human beings by evil regimes and idiotic belief systems founded on ignorance is a serious character flaw many in our society suffer.

    It displays a disturbing lack of backbone and character. It enables those committing these inhumane acts to continue to do so.

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    Not to nitpick, but if you read more than the title of my post, you’ll see that I didn’t say that I think we should get past our anger. I’m saving my conclusions for the next post. Regardless, I do appreciate the link. Stumbled up.

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    Jacob, if your asked me how you’ve changed from when I discovered you until now, I’d say you’ve become less boring. 🙂

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    Jacob Fortin

    Well, I knew you would be talking about it, vjack, but I didn’t want the “news” to get cold 😛

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    This post is exactly what I have been waiting for to perfectly describe how I feel about Religion, especially with what it’s doing here in America. I have been just as angry as you have and I feel we absolutely need to call them out on their bs. It’s our duty.

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    the angry good atheist. Nothing wrong being angry with stupid shit, completely agree! Your podcasts are great, thanks for the hard work. Im beginning to find a new problem is that my family and close friends are getting a little tired of my rants, regardless of how angry i am, or how sweet the content is!

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    One of the biggest problems with the way society acts and reacts is that they barely blink an eye anymore at anything immoral unless someone yells, screams, and goes on and on about it.

    Then people look at the guy yelling and screaming and think, “Does he share my ideals? Is he like me?”, and base their decision on whether or not he’s telling the truth, or even saying anything relevant, solely on the answer to that question.

    Look at Fox News if you need confirmation.

    All of this means that, as long as people know you’re atheist, you can forget them ever considering anything you say. Tell them the sky is blue and they’ll argue that it’s cyan. However, if a fellow Christian tells them the sky is bright red, they’ll declare the apocalypse.

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    The sufficient triumph of evil is that good persons fail to get angry. The crimes committed in the name of religion should enrage an ethical, rational person. Several percent of the US population. I’ll gratuitously remind us all that the crimes of the few are are enabled by the many, the delusional, irrational cognitive cripples who believe whatever their chosen religious authority figure tells them, no matter how absurd.

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    Earth is fucked. Plain and simple. Unless Atheist’s can take a stand than nothing can change. There is little things happening like ad’s on the sides of buses, but that isn’t enough. I could possibly be considered an extreme Atheist, or an extremely pissed off Atheist. The ordinary person doesn’t know the horrible things that come from religion like an educated person does. So these individuals need to know, it’s starting to bug me more and more. But what really could we do? rally? tea party? I doubt that would change anything. This planet’s already too brainwashed.

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    joe Botelho

    “Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.”

    Malcolm X

    he would probaly be kind of pissed knowing that an athiest like me has taken his quote to heart and been moved in a positive way

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    Keith Pinster

    I have to say that I have gotten more angry over the last couple of years, but then, that’s when I became a Radical Atheist, so it stands to reason. My actually can’t believe that more people AREN’T getting more angry. That’s the only reason people actually stand up for their own rights. People who are complacent quickly become slaves and serfs. And every time xians get a law pushed through to suppress anyone, it’s one more nail in the coffin of our liberty. I don’t care how you feel about homosexuals, taking away the right of a person to marry who they wish, just because you don’t like their race, color, creed, nationality, religion, or sexual preference is a solid step toward us loosing all of our freedom. Every freedom they take away makes it that much easier for them to take another and then another and before you know it, someone is dictating your every move. The easiest and best time to fight for your freedom is when you have it, not after you lose it!

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    I also am permanently angry at the atrocities in our world… If you’re angry enough then it fuels your existence and helps you to survive. The only time I’m not angry is when I’m with my kids and even if they play up and wreck the house I just find it cute, this was disturbing at first as I had forgotten what not being angry felt like but now it’s awesome 😀 However if someone hurt them then I would probably really lose it!

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    I think it’s a simple “pick your battles” scenario.

    Yes, it shows that you’re a decent human being to naturally be angry over injustices that occur in humanity in the name of religion, but I think the question people need to ask themselves is: “Is it doing any actual good for me to get openly angry about this?” and therefore: “Can I personally do anything about this specific problem?”

    Meaning, if you hear on the news about some innocent person getting physically/emotionally injured or put upon because of a religious instigation and you can’t do anything about it (i.e. you’re across the country, there are no charitable organizations devoted to it, etc) then, yes, by all means, feel angry, but then, after an appropriate time, let it go since your spent energy is not actually doing anything for that specific cause. However, if you can do something about it such as witnessing a neighbor abuse a child/spouse/co-worker for such instances as listed in the blog entry), then certainly call the police, testify, do all that you can.

    I understand that seeing/hearing about terrible things that happen in the name of religion are infurating and hypocritical, but I think that a person can waste away (or get some really impressive stomach ulcers) by carrying a personal torch for something that they personally can’t do anything about.

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    Why get angry about evil stuff people do in the name of religion? Evil? If you are an atheist and there is no God, why are you worried about evil? There should be no good or bad to an atheist. Evil would be something taught in a religion. So you are saying you dont believe in God but you want to tell Christians how they should act? Are you also a hypocrite? See, hypocrites arnt only in church any more. Now, start acting lie a real atheist should act and dont go by any teachings of good or evil that are in the Bible. Really, think about it. If there isnt a God then how did man derive on the difference between good and evil? He just decided, hey thats evil but thats good? Think about what you are saying dude. Isnt that what divides us from the animals of this earth? We know right from wrong, good from evil. Did we evolve into knowing good from evil?

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    I want to know just one thing, if there is NO God, NO Afterlife, No nothing, no point to anything what so ever, why do you continue to even exist? I mean if you could prove to me that there wasn’t a God, which you can’t because there is, I would be the first in line for suicide, NOTHING or NO ONE on this earth is worth putting up with the total bullshit that we put up with on a daily basis. I don’t believe true atheists even exist, just a bunch of snot nosed adults throwing temper tantrums because they can’t get their way and do what they want without repercussion for their actions. science is so full of shit, takes alot of faith to believe what you can’t see, right? when was the last time you could 100% prove science, all the way down to its truest form? you can’t you never will, most of what science says is all made up bullshit.

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    Davids comments are ridiculous, are you actually saying that because someone is not a christian, they have no concept of good or evil? people (just like animals by the way..of which there are many examples), have emotions, the ability to rationlise, show empathy, sympathy, the ability to put themselves into other peoples shoes.
    Just because a Holy book, has some nice stories giving examples of peoples morality choices, it does not mean it can claim some kind of exclusive right. Morality supersedes any religion, and in many cases its religion that has held progressive thinking back.

    So lets turn it on its head, are you saying David, that without a holy book you have no concept of good or evil?, you need this book to teach you right from wrong you cannot use your own emotional makeup to conclude rape/murder etc is wrong?

    if this truely is the case (I sincerley hope it is not), then trust me on this, you do not need a holy book, you need a physciatrist.

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    Bobs comments almost as stupid as David.

    Why does anything have to have a purpose, almost everything you do in your life has no meaning, our aim in life as a species is to procreate, as is the purpose of any other living thing.

    Science is the closest thing we have to make any real sense of our world. If you think its all BS, why don’t you prove how its all wrong, perhaps you can show us why the theory of gravity is BS, you are welcome to go jump off a tall building anytime you chose, let us know how that goes.

    I can’t prove to you there is no god, as its impossible to prove anything about something that cannot be measured or experienced in any degree (emotions are not proof), and by exactly the same logic you can’t prove to me any other god does not exist, however I assume you only believe in one god?

    Faith is what is used when the religious lose the reality arguement, hoping something is true, is not a substitute for truth itself.

    Science lets the evidence take them to the conclusion, it presents demonstratable facts, that can be test and verified by anybody else (including you), if science proved there was a god, then most atheists would accept this and become believers. Its just unfortunate for you it doesnt, but still you cling on to this ‘crutch’. Tragic

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