Noah’s Ark story told right

Can you believe a not inconsiderable percentage of the world’s population actually thinks the story of Noah’s Ark is a fact about the history of the world? I mean, sure, these are the same idiots who think Jonah spent a few days inside a fish and lived to tell the tale, but even that story is sensible in comparison. Two of every species on a boat? Are you for real? What about everyone else who had a boat? Did all the fisherman survive, or did God “magic” them to death as well?

(props to Chris for the find)

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    Absolutely Brilliant !!! Best story every told

    I need to look up more of this guys work very good stuff

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    Maybe he didn’t load them all up, maybe he just saved their stem cells in petri dishes and stashed them in his refrigerated fishing boat.

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    If you like Richard Herring then all must seek out work by his long like comedy partner Stewart Lee. His religious jokes are also of high class although his style can be an acquired taste.


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