Ted Haggard is back in the preaching business

I feel sorry for Ted Haggard. After being exposed as a crystal meth smokin’ closeted homo, the church he helped build forced him out of the state, and totally disowned him. With his friends and support network having abandoned him, he’s spent the last few years trying to figure out what to do with his life. Turns out being a preacher doesn’t give you a lot of marketable skills, so he’s gone back to his bread and butter, opening a small church in his home he calls “St. James” (a nod to a Book of James passage that says “faith without works is dead”).

Rather than accept the fact he’s hungry for rock hard man cock, he’s come back to the religious fold to continue preaching a gospel that quite clearly states that these feelings are an abomination. It reminds me how people can often create their own private kind of Hell by refusing to accept reality. If Haggard is deluded enough to think this is the life he wants, he’s forgotten his constant craving for man-sausage will cause him an unbelievable amount of internal conflict and pain.

Why don’t you stop living a fucking lie and just succumb to your biological urge to have sex with other men? There’s really nothing wrong with it; the only reason you feel this way is because of a primitive book that was written long ago by a bunch of primitive, ignorant sheep fuckers who thought the earth was flat and diseases were caused by demons. Do you really want to base your life on their bullshit “insights”?

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    Jesus is there for those who seek forgiveness and have deep wallets. The point seems to be proven that those who are against homosexuality the most are those that are gay, and raised in the Christian faith. Once you’re at the top, you can indulge your needs, because there is nobody above you to question your actions.

    The closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm.

    - The Lord of The Rings

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    I wondered what happened to Haggard. Last I heard he was completely heterosexual… lol.


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    I have a feeling that the comment above mine is bull.
    About haggard, he’s proof of how religion fucks with you, i actually feel a tad sorry for him. As you said, he making himself a living hell by trying to please an imaginary construct.

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    Ted Haggard is a living stereotype, thanks ted for making the world a simpler place.

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