Religion makes old fart act like a child

Is it just me or does this guy look like he took a couple “poppers” before heading off to his tiny hole-in-the-wall church? How is this any different than a 4 year old child having a little freak-out with their imaginary friend? You need to stop giving this guy sugar in the morning!

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    I think the really worying thing is how an elderly looking man seems to have a fit then collapse on the floor and they just keep singing.

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    Whatever he’s having- I don’t want some of that.

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    If I’d had done stuff like that at church when I was a kid my parents would have gone nuts (in a bad and not ‘oh praise jebus!’).


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    I absolutely love that they just ignore him and keep singing.

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    When I was a kid we went to a Southern Baptist church every week. It was as laid back and easygoing as a church can be. We went to Sunday school in the morning and learned the bible lessons and then sat through the hour long sermon and that was it. There wasn’t even singing that I remember. My mom and dad were divorced and around age 7 or 8 we started going to the church of my step-mom during our weekends with dad. And that church was Pentecostal. We’re sitting there, my brother and I, and out of nowhere people are running up and down the aisles, acting crazy, shouting, falling down and speaking in tongues. Fucking hilarious. Told my mom about it and she said that when people spoke in tongues it was really the devil.

    It’s a miracle I’m not completely fucked up.

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    It is good to see this stuff every now and then because it reminds us that these people are voting and helping to determine the way our country goes. If that isn’t a prompt for activism, I’m not sure what would be!

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    He must have got into Ted Haggard’s meth stash.

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    Drunk on jesus, or a few to many jesus drops. Wonder whats going on in his fucked up little brain there.

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    J. N. Hudson

    When I was growing up my parents went to a sucession of churches where everyone acted like that yahoo. It was a bunch of fucking idiots running around the aisles or laying on the floor twitching like an epileptic at Laser Floyd, all the while spouting gibberish and just plain baby talk which the pastor then used his magic powers to interpret for them (Which strangely always seemed to include an exact dollar amount that “god” needed them to “donate” that particular week)

    It was fun as all get out when I was four or five, but once I hit my teens and decided that it didn’t want to act like a damn fool no matter awho else was doing it.

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    Behold the idiot who’s dancing like he’s shat himself.

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    James Stout


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