Lars Vilks attacked by angry Muslims at free speech lecture

Dear Islam,

We’re sick and tired of your shit. Your followers can’t seem to get it through their primitive, 7th century minds the freedom to speak our minds (no matter how offensive it may be) is one of our most treasured rights. It permits anyone to denigrate your precious religion and its prophet if they feel the desire to do so. We don’t care if you believe blasphemy is a crime punishable by death: you are not in charge here, and the government and its citizens have no obligation to protect you from having your little feelings hurt.

If you think it’s acceptable to use violence as a way of silencing dissension, then the real possibility exists you simply won’t be allowed to participate in this little experiment we call “freedom” anymore. If you want to live in a world where even the slightest mention of Mohammed in a less than flattering light results in a vicious beating or even execution, you are more than welcome to immigrate to a country where this barbarism is acceptable. I might suggest Saudi Arabia; I hear they love to punish infidels there.

Your religion, like all the others, is a slow cancer on the human race. You pretend you are a religion of peace, but I find no great charity in your incessant need to harm anyone who hurts your fragile ego. Your imams are experts in nonsense, as are all other religious figures. If the best you can muster when someone is being attacked for making a few drawings of Mohammed is “Allah Akbar”, then you seriously have nothing good to contribute to this world. The only thing that saddens me about your pathetic excuse for a religion is you’ll never get the opportunity to realize your ignorant beliefs are all bullshit.

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    These kinda fundies give me the creeps.

    No civilized person can react in such a way. Come to think of it, why not provoke such people under in a planned manner and in controlled circumstances enough times to get the public outraged enough?

    Once that happens, all the loonies will get exposed and rejected by society, and we’ll sleep more easily.

    Unfounded beliefs really bug me, yet I have to keep my mouth shut as not to lose a job, get sued or just outright shunned…

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    Great post rant.
    This shit is mind bogglingly scary.
    We live in worrying times.

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    Scares the crap out of me as usual… is Physical Evidence and Reasoned Logic not enough. (As thunderf00t has mentioned it, now i am adopting the banner of being a PEARL’ist)

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