Sarah Palin makes my head hurt

By now I’m sure you’ve seen this video, or at the very least heard others talk about the fact Sarah Palin seems to think the Bible (and in particular the 10 commandments) is an excellent resource for the crafting of modern laws. It’s what her religious zombies want her to say, even though there isn’t one person alive who can tell you exactly HOW you’re supposed to use this ancient, primitive text to prescribe laws in this complex and modern world. What are you supposed to do about issues of slavery, genocide, infanticide, murder, and animal sacrifices, all of which are condoned in this supposed “holy” text.

So which Commandment does Sarah Palin want laws made from? Would she try and make adultery a crime? Presumably you’d probably need to jail close to half of the adult male population if extra-marital sex was suddenly against the law. What about a law against making false idols, or working on a Sunday? Are you doubly screwed if you worked one weekend at a chocolate bunny factory? These “crimes” ¬†are all punishable by death; does that mean we would need to issue the death penalty for single mothers who need to work 7 days a week to provide food for their families? The “big guy” also doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about the whole “coveting your neighbor’s ass” thing also, so I wonder how a modern capitalist society is going to enforce that one…

Luckily, all of these questions can be answered by turning to the Bible for guidance in this matter. Let us turn to First Timothy, chapter 2 verse 11:

A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet

Phew, and here I thought we’d have to keep listening to this crazy bitch!

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    I have to admit I’m always amazed she can even speak and make it to the studio without getting hit by a car. Does Sarah wax? probably the only thing she does well ….

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    Hey, at least in that clip O’Reilly admitted that not all of the nation’s founders were Christians. There’s some progress to help you feel better.

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    She is genius as a device, in that ‘bubba speak’ sort of way Bush had, that makes her unaccountable for what she does and says.

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    Every time i see a clip of her i think i can tolerate it enough to watch it or listen to it then i do… and Almost on que, about half way though my brain stops functioning and i forget where i am. I contribute it to having had part of my brain explode by listing to her spew religious nonsense and terrible political views.

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    ‘Margaret Thatcher and other world leaders’ ??? WTF – what decade is she living in?? Margaret Thatcher hasn’t been a world leader since the early 1990s

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    J. N. Hudson

    What they so conveniently ignore is that the only parts of biblical law that are present in modern US law are the proscription against theft and murder, which are found in every society with codified laws, predating the Old Testament by a couple thousand years.

    As for 1st Timothy 2:11…. All I can say is ain’t it amazing how many fundies will ignore that principle at the very second that it’s politically expedient to do so. The religious right wing of the GOP that people like Palin & her ilk pander too sacrificed any pretense of religious sincerity on the altar of partisan politics a long time ago. They have traded their beliefs for political power and influence along with all the benefits that it can buy, and it shows. It shows in the way they reference christianity and the republican party as if they were the same thing, It shows in the way that they dismiss democrats and moderate republicans incapable of being “True Christians” (TM), and it shows in the way they recast their religions history to make it line up with modern right wing ideology (i.e. Andy Schafly’s “Conservative Bible Project”).

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