Dan Barker on why the “National Day of Prayer” needs to be abolished

I like how the host basically asks: with all the trouble in the world, why do you want to take people’s ability to have a special prayer day?”. How mature are these morons? Does he really think folks will be banned from doing their useless prayers? All that we want is for the government to be out of the business of promoting religion. That’s what this issue is really about.

Props to Dan Barker for staying calm and cool on FoxNews, which can’t be an easy task.

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    What an amazingly well-reasoned argument.

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    Dan Barker is the man! I haven’t yet read Godless, but listening to him on Freethought Radio is great… not as good as other atheist podcasts though.

    He possesses that Sam Harris-like calm when addressing utter stupidity, which in my opinion, deserves tremendous respect.

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    Dan does it again, yet another Well debated argument.

    because of this today I signed up to become a member of the F.F.R.F. I have wanted to join for awhile and this was a good reminder to do that.

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    To repeat…Dan Barker is awesome!!!

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