The Internet raped my faith!

Rape jokes are always funny, especially when used in the context of religious belief!

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    I told you we should have made ‘raped in the faith’ line of t-shirts!

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    Top 5 funniest video I have seen Thanks for sharing.

    They should make a rape kit for when the internet rapes your faith, the only question is what do we put in it?

    maybe a Good atheist Hat, Few Christopher Hitchens Books,bottle of lube and some tissues(in case your raped again),An i survived the internet raping my faith wrist band, …

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    Wow, way to be offensive. Like, good for him that he stopped believing, but his rape analogy was so awful and retarded. “Raped and loved it”? “Kept coming back for more”? It’s not rape if you want it, sorry to say. “Dressed slutty and was asking for it”? Nice victim blaming there. I don’t care if he said all this metaphorically, it’s still fucking offensive. I sure hope no rape victims watch this video (but considering how many there are out there, some definitely will).

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    I agree with rimon on this one. There is no reason to exploit something like rape for a careless laugh. It’s easy for guys to joke about this when only 1 in every 33 males will be a rape victim (and if you never visit prison that percent drops dramatically), but for women the number is 1 in 6. Looking like a “slut” is not what increases the odds btw.

    Getting an education or serving your country DOES increase a woman’s odds of being assaulted. 1/4 if you’re in college, and 1/3 if you’re a woman in the United States Armed Forces (by her fellow soldiers). Disturbingly the highest percentages are handicapped women and wives (victimized by their own husbands). When you throw around the word rape it hits a lot of silent victims that just wish assholes would stop reminding them of what they are trying so hard to forget.

    Show this to some of those rape victims and ask them if the “asking for it” comment hits a raw nerve. By definition, rape is against a victim’s consent…but more and more men think it just means “rough sex”. If you’ve never been an actual rape victim then maybe you should be more careful about using a word you don’t understand.

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    free speech applies to rape jokes as well, so pull out your tampon and stfu

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