Jehovah Witness family abandons 5 year old son after blood transfusion

I’m not a parent, so it’s difficult for me to comprehend what it feels like to actually have to take care of one of these screaming whelps. As far as I can tell, they smell, they cry and jump around a lot, and when they get older, they get all “angsty” and totally hate your guts. I’ve been told, however, the experience is rewarding enough to put up with the mega hassle.

One thing I do know for certain is your own brain is changed when you have a kid, and your affection for said child can border on scary. I know a lot of parents would jump in front of a speeding bus filled with rabies infested tigers to preserve their genetic legacy, so it surprises me whenever someone disavows their own progeny for obscure religious reasons.

Last Tuesday, a 5 year old child was admitted into the Eduibiase Government Hospital in Ghana, and was in desperate need for a blood transfusion. Despite the parent’s protest, the doctors decided to save Jepheth’s life, and as a result, the family has disowned the boy.

There are those that refuse to believe parents could disown their children over such a seemingly trivial thing, but this kind of tragedy happens all the time. Some parents can even try extreme measures to prevent their kids from receiving any treatment.

The root cause of all this brouhaha is the archaic belief blood should only be reserved for atonement (the rather disgusting idea people need to be sacrificed to appease gods is something we’ve been stuck with for a long time, unfortunately). Silly me; I actually thought the primary purpose of blood was to carry oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body!

Another tragic example of the divisive power of religion, tearing families apart over their stupid fucking theological dogma bullshit.

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    the kid is the real winner. now he’s cult free.

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    If you needed more proof of how crazy these people are….

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    Jehovah Witness Fun Fact:


    Witnesses also have a slightly different view of heaven than mainstream Christianity. Based on their reading of prophetic books like Daniel and Revelation, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that only 144,000 people will go to heaven to rule with God and Jesus.

    I Guess they were doing some math and found out He would have been 144,001 So they had Cut and Run?

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    As an ex-JW myself I’d expect these parents elders (JW church leaders) will insist they take the child back, as being a child of this age he obviously had no say in receiving the transfusion. It’s still pretty cold though.

    @Darkpassenger: Your quite right, most JW’s do not expect a place in heaven, they believe their reward would be everlasting life on a re-built Earth. More interestingly, JW’s believe Armageddon must arrive before these chosen (in reality, self appointed) 144k die; there are only a handful of these crinkly veterans alive at the current time.

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