Co-founder of Family Research council caught with “callboy”

Let’s picture a little scenario, shall we? Imagine for a moment you are the co-founder of a blatantly anti-homosexual group, and one day you accidentally get caught with a 20 year old male escort from a site called “”. Do you:

a) try to play it cool and pretend you only hired the guy to carry your luggage?
b) Claim you are doing research into the homosexual lifestyle?
c) Finally come out of the closet and admit your everlasting love for raging hard boners?

If you chose A, then you have something in common with George Rekers, co-founder of the Family Research Council, who was caught at Miami airport with a callboy who has, according to his profile, a “perfectly built 8 inch cock”.

Obviously this guy is totally finished as a spokesperson for bigotry, so one wonders if he’ll spend the rest of his life like Ted Haggard, needlessly denying what is blatantly obvious to everyone with half a brain, or if he’ll simply embrace his homosexuality.

Look George, it’s really not uncommon for the biggest opponents of gay rights to actually be self-hating gays themselves; it’s still something frowned upon by many religious folks, and I can sympathize perhaps you too were brainwashed into thinking your same sex attraction is evil. I gotta tell you though, now that you’ve been exposed, it’s time to find a new crowd to hang around with. You’ll find your old friends and colleagues are going to have some pretty harsh shit to say, and will do their best to distance themselves from you completely. You have the “stench” of gay in their eyes, and you’ll soon see the value of their “friendship”. Luckily, if you just come out of the closet and admit what you are, you’ll find a whole community of like minded people who would be happy to bring you into their fold. You just need to stop hating yourself first, man!

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    Yet another anti-gay person turns out to be gay. This is a trend for these people. Not surprised at all.

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    Is anyone really surprised? Perhaps we should take a closer look at Tony Perkins.

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    Pete Knight

    I’m waiting for Fred Phelps to be caught in bed with his rent boy by his vile daughter, the one who is most often the voice of WBC in TV interviews.

    Now that WOULD be good news!

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    Ah yes, another one bites the dust…or boner. This is why I simply cannot rme right-wingers seriously. Especially right-wingers with (pardon the term in this case) jesus so far up their collective ass; you couldn’t look at them walking out of a store without wanting to throw a brown paper bag over them.

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    I was sort of hoping he would have chosen option ‘C’. ‘Me thinks thou dost protest too much’ I think is quite appropriate in this case. We have yet to be proven wrong that anyone who vehemently opposes gays is not secretly engaging in the love that dare speaks its name. Let’s see…Ted Haggard then Roy Ashbuen, Republication state representative from CA, and now this Rekers guy. If this holds and truth then Fred Phelps is the biggest queen there is. It’s only a matter or time.

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    Homosexuality is actually quite common so it stands to reason most who have such strong opinions and feelings about strangers they don’t know having gay sex where they can’t see it that hurts nobody are drawing all that irrational emotion from somewhere.

    Most likely the closet…..

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