You know you want one

Favorite part of the whole thing? How there’s a button to “censor” the Songs of Solomon, the most erotic part of the Bible. Didn’t know there was eroticism in that old dusty book of yours? Better go check it out on your new iBible!

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    i want my money back, I bought one of theses things and it keeps flashing a warning sign that reads.

    Warning!!! The content you are about to read is purely fiction and should not be taken literally. The ibible and its affiliates are not responsibly for any adverse side effects related to reading from it. Such as delusional thoughts or images, the inability to logically or reasonably, the inexplicable desire to touch little boys, and and endless fear that the rapture is coming.

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    Excellent video!

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    Too funny. Speaking of favorite parts, mine was “This is a knife?”

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