Christian arrested for preaching that homosexuality is a sin

You all know I have a special disdain for homophobic Christians who go around trying to tell everyone that homosexuality is a sin. What I have more disdain for, however, is any government that grants police the power to arrest people simply for saying shit they don’t agree with. Take the Public Order Act in the UK; it was passed into law to supposedly help control soccer hooligans (football for you Europeans), but recently it was used to arrest a man for preaching that homosexuality is against God’s will:

Police officers are alleging that he made the remark in a voice loud enough to be overheard by others and have charged him with using abusive or insulting language, contrary to the Public Order Act.

Christian campaigners have expressed alarm that the Public Order Act, introduced in 1986 to tackle violent rioters and football hooligans, is being used to curb religious free speech.

This is also in the wake of an atheist being sentenced to time served and community service for leaving “insulting” materials in the prayer room of John Lennon Airport. What’s going on here, Britain? Do you have a problem with people speaking their minds? I hate to say it, but if you’re incapable of defending something as basic as free speech, what exactly do you think that says about your country?

I don’t like anyone being jailed for saying something I don’t agree with, even if sometimes the shit spewing from their mouths can be truly evil. Besides, do you really think it’s a good idea to make any of these bigots martyrs?

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    Got to agree with you on this one Jacob. Freedoms are the number 1 thing I look for in a country. For every UK airport I ever encounter, I will leave some goodatheist material lying around for the next guy. 😉

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    Pete Knight

    I’m surprised they used the POA when there are specific laws to deal with incitement to hatred, and equality laws that would have been better fitted for this situation, Having said that, it doesn’t surprise me that the police used their favourite catch all law, they use it against anyone doing something that isn’t specifically illegal.

    Nudity isn’t illegal in the UK, yet the police regularly use POA to harass anyone found naked anywhere they don’t like. Add to that the fact that policing on nudity isn’t consistent across all police forces, as experienced by Steve Gough, the ‘Naked Rambler’ who walked from Lands End to John O’Groats naked, not once, but twice, passing through some counties without harassment, and receiving harassment in the next county.

    Use of the POA has been challenged, but not enough to have a High Court verdict set a precedent.

    In theory a police officer could instruct someone to stop picking their nose, and should the instruction be ignored the officer can use POA to arrest. Mad isn’t it?

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    I have a very serious hatred for homophobes and I think they are no better than any other kind of bigot. That said, they should still be allowed to say what they want. The UK seems like a very scary place to live right now.

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    Jeff, its not more so than most. Although these laws are terrifying and some of the cases which have come up recently are screwy; we are actually more free from religion in our everyday life than most countries, and.. actually it is kinda fucked here. We are on the case be sure of that!

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    I’d suggest the US gets its own house in order before evincing an opinion how we deal with that sort of thing.
    Unless you allow people to yell about niggers, spicks, kykes, coons, dagoes (that’s the Friendly Atheist, BTW, that or Lascar…)
    That free speech availble in the Third World Hell that is the US?

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    Jacob Fortin

    I’m Canadian, so I’m not sure I qualify for your response. I’m actually ashamed of this country’s notoriously anti-freedom of speech laws. I’ve never understood the notion that the pot cannot call the kettle “black”. Why is that a bad idea? Who better to know what is black that a pot? Duh!

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    When I read about this shit I despair at the blindness in some folks minds. I mean surely one of the requirements to entering government should be full respect for freedom of speech. But this goes further than all that. When we have laws which can be applied to almost anything a police person wishes, and when vague laws can be passed and applied willy nilly by judges, we have a world of trouble on our hands.

    These things (both this case are the cartoon guy at JLA to name a minor few) are almost enough to fucking move to a cave somewhere and be done with such a controlling and retarded society.

    I beleive in absolute freedom of speech, you can fuck your ‘inciting violence’ bullshit.

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    It’s probably just been caused by a few dumb cops who screwed up. Hopefully won’t start a trend.

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    I never did get that idiom… Everybody knows that pot is green.

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